02 September 2006

Hard to believe its Saturday, again. I'm home from Border's. I used to sit in the cafe and drink coffee and read People magazine. Now I read PC World or other magazines like that. I decided that if I were starting out on a career, that I'd choose something to do with computers. I'm just so interested in them. I should probably take a course to have a better understanding and satisfy my curiosity. Today I bought a magazine about cleaning up your computer to make it run faster. The upstairs one is so, so slow. Emily only wants to use my laptop, and I don't blame her. I want to fix the one upstairs so she'll use it more. Anyway, I drank my 2 cups of high-test coffee, read my magazines, went to the library and then home. That's my usual Saturday after work routine. I cooked ribs for dinner; they came out perfect. Yeah! Ribs, baked potatoes and strawberries. Good dinner. I finally went through all my CD's and weeded out the ones I don't want anymore. There weren't many of them. I want to spend more time listening to music. I finally finished putting everything away that was out of place from my painting job. Tomorrow I buy the fabric to make the valences for my living room and dining room. That will be a big job, but I need to do it. I found beautiful fabric.

Well... That was quite a ramble(its the coffee). Let's see if I can do that again soon.

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