17 June 2014

Thankful for the sun and water and everything else

I really have a great life and I'm so thankful. My family is mostly nearby and close. My parents are alive and living in a place where they're happy and well-taken care of. My daughter is 20 and doing well. I'm healthy and active and fit. I was down, but I'm back up thanks to my good friends and sunny disposition. I don't know why I'm a naturally happy person, but I am and always have been.

I switched my day off so for the 4th time this spring I've been off work from Saturday afternoon to Wednesday morning. The weather has been great every long weekend so far. So lucky! Last week I had my regular schedule and worked on Tuesday and it rained all day. Not this time!

I went out with my co-worker Debbie on Saturday night. This is only the second time in all the years we've worked together that we've socialized. We went to Annapolis. Had sushi at my favorite place. We went to 3 different bars/restaurants for live music. We liked the last place best. It was a great night out. 

My sister Lisa, nephew Ryan and I went to lunch at The Annapolitan for Father's Day.

Afterward my sister came back with me and we spent the day at my community pool. I swam a mile. It takes about 50 minutes. I can't believe I have the stamina and patience to swim that long. I'm still sore from it. I occasionally have shoulder problems and I pushed myself and my shoulder hurts a little again. I won't be swimming the rest of the week so I'll rest it.

I met my friend Kit yesterday morning (Monday) for a day at Sandy Point State Park. I hadn't been there in a decade! It's about 30 minutes from my house on the Chesapeake Bay. It has concessions, a bathhouse, etc. It was so nice! I was told it gets very, very crowded on weekends. The weather was in the 80's and it was breezy. We stayed for 8 hours!!

The Bay Bridge

We went out to dinner afterward and ate outside. You know how much I love being outside.

This morning I was at my friend Nancy's at 9:30. We kayaked over to a floating dock in another cove. We tied up and jumped in the river. Well, I jumped. We swam and hung out and talked and finally got back in our kayaks and moved on. I left her house and....went back to Sandy Point State Park. It's only a few miles from her house and only $4 to get in, so why not? It felt like day 2 of a beach vacation.

It was SO hot today. Close to 100 degrees. There was a breeze. I stayed under my umbrella when I wasn't in the water. I only stayed for a few hours. I needed my pool. That was my next stop.

It's Tuesday night now. My laundry is done and lunch made for tomorrow. I'm ready to go back to work. It's been a great long weekend/vacation. I'm back to my regular schedule till the middle of July. I love being off on Thursdays too.

14 June 2014

Time on my hands

I have a break at work and thought I'd take advantage of the time to do some writing. Before I get back into the habit of not writing.

It's been a much better week because I've been able to resume my activities! I swam a mile last Sunday in the outdoor community pool. Cold, but just fine. I broke the swim into 3 parts. My version of taking it easy. On Monday I walked 4 miles, then visited my mom. We had a great day together. We went to the mall and had lunch, then she had a manicure and pedicure. She was so happy!

I pass my friend Nancy's house on my way home from my parent's. She and her husband live on a bluff overlooking the Severn River. I saw her car and called her to see if she wanted to sit outside. She asked if I wanted to kayak instead. I always want to kayak! We paddled for at least 5 miles and it was such a gorgeous day. It was so enjoyable. On my way home I found myself singing. I thought to myself, I'm happy! My emotions have been such a rollercoaster since my breakup. I've been pretty down, waiting for the up that I know is coming. It's still not everyday, but I'll get there.

I've walked 4+ miles a few times this week, plus more in the evenings. Sparky loves it. I listen to my audio book. It's a good thing. I swam a mile on Thursday in my indoor pool. Thank goodness for that pool. It saved my sanity over the long cold winter. 

Being back to being active has been wonderful. I have too much time on my hands. What a problem!

I went on a date on Wednesday night with a guy I met online. We had a great time helped along by a few beers. We met the next day for a late lunch without alcohol. It was a big no :-)

I'm not sure what I'm doing this weekend. I'm sure mowing, swimming and biking will be part of it. I will go to the Father's Day lunch at the assisted living. I'll fill the weekend somehow. I always do. 

08 June 2014

Thoughts from my deck

In the past, I'd write, "I'm sitting on my porch, overlooking my garden, watching for my hummingbirds." Nowadays I'm more likely to be sitting on my deck. I wonder what changed? They're both great places to hang out. I love my house and garden.

I have such a hard time sitting still! I'll write and then drink my coffee, then do something. Dusting and vacuuming  are on my mind. I should water my garden first, though. I will. Then I have to think about what to do today. That revolves around my bronchitis.

What a pain that has been! I've been following everyone's advice and taking it easy. That meant not kayaking last weekend. Not swimming. Not biking with Kit yesterday. Cancelling a hiking trip today. My happy is being busy. So, it's been a little depressing but...it's only temporary. I went to my primary care doctor on Wednesday and she prescribed 2 inhalers. I haven't needed the 'recovery' one. I've used the steroid one for two days and I really see an improvement. All along it hasn't been the cough. In fact, I'm not coughing at all anymore. Hardly. It's been the shortness of breath. That's what's improved. So, my thoughts for today are taking a long bike ride and then going to the pool. I know I shouldn't do the ride, but I want to. So, we'll see.

*I took a break and watered my garden and planted a pot of flowers and decided to be smart and not do a bike trip. I will do some vacuuming, but not all at once. I'll sit on my lounge chair and listen to my audiobook. I'll go to the pool later. I will concentrate on getting better! I have a bike trip scheduled next weekend with a Meetup group in Kent Island including brunch. My goal will be to be perfectly healthy by then. Healthier and happier.

Sparky watching me watering, wishing he was on the other side of the door.

03 June 2014

Catching up, slowly

This is the third week in a row of switching days off from Thursday to Tuesday. Each weekend has felt like a vacation, since I'm off on Sunday and Monday too. I'm sitting on my deck and here's a typical view:

Sparky loves being on the deck. He's quiet here. It's a view we both love. I'll buy flowers for the pots today to improve it.

I got very sick after doing all the kayaking,etc that I did the weekend before while sick. I went to work last Wednesday and spiked a fever that night. Awful! I went to the doctor's Thursday and found out I have bronchitis. I took Thursday and Friday off to rest. My friend Kit visited and so did my sister. They both brought me food! I had to cancel a kayak trip on Sunday, and yoga yesterday. I have a cough...annoying but not bad. Mostly I get easily winded. I'm not much for relaxing, until this was forced on me. It's been quite enjoyable!

I was invited to hang out on my neighbor's boat on Saturday night. It's in a marina about 20 minutes from home. We sat outside and relaxed. It was beautiful. Peaceful. I love that my state has so much water!

Saturday afternoon I strolled West St. in Annapolis with my sister for the First Sunday Arts something or other. The day was beautiful! That night I went to my friend's Nancy and Doug's house. That's who I kayaked and boated with the weekend before. I sat on their dock for a while. Their neighborhood of about 60 houses was having a get-together. Dinner was at one person's house, then dessert at my friend's. I was invited for that. It was great. Everyone had name tags on, including my own hand-made one. Everyone was very friendly. I felt like a co-host! Nancy and Doug have been great friends to me and I love their company.


I walked 3 miles yesterday morning and it felt fine. I did things around the house. Went grocery shopping. I got to my community pool around 2:00. Another gorgeous day! I swam 4 laps and was winded! So disappointing! I guess it takes a while to get over this sickness! I was forced to drink iced coffee and read a magazine. Oh, what a life! I stayed for hours. I cooked dinner for a change, ate on the deck, and stayed outside till dark. Life is good. Sometimes I get down, but then I get back up.

Today I must visit my parents. It's been too long! I stayed away because I was sick. I also have to go to Marshall's to find new clothes. I don't have one pair of capris that fit. I've lost weight and everything is too big! What a problem to have...

Time to walk and then shower. I'll still have lots of time to relax today later on. So thankful!

27 May 2014

My long wonderful weekend

I don't want to move, but sitting on my deck listening to the birds and seeing everything lush and green sure makes me want to live somewhere warm all year long. Of course, I can't move. And I can't change winter. So I have to appreciate the good seasons with everything I've got. I did that this weekend, despite having a bad cold. I wasn't going to let it interfere with my plans. 

I drove 70 miles along the eastern shore to Chestertown, MD on Sunday morning for a kayaking trip with a Meetup group. There were 21 or 27 kayaks. It was a perfect weather day. I knew 2 people who were going. A lot of people knew each other. I rented a kayak there, but the majority of people brought their own. We paddled to Cacaway Island, an uninhabited island, for a picnic lunch. Everyone brought a dish to share. A lot of people got in the water; the temperature was perfect. I wasn't one of them. Some people drank a lot! Not me. We stayed on the island for over an hour, then paddled our way back. I loved the solitude of the paddle, the birds, the water, the marshes, etc. It was fine that I was alone. Except everything reminded me of my breakup. But I won't let that stop me from loving being on the water.

My home is the blue dot on the left. My destination the little red dot on the right.

Cacaway Island

Picnic lunch


Check out those arms. I love how toned they look. If only the rest of me looked that way!! We paddled over 8 miles. I had a nice drive back and decided to stop at Rams Head for dinner in Annapolis. A Copperhead Ale and fish tacos hit the spot. I did a brisk walk around town afterward.

I couldn't believe how sick I felt and that I could still do all the things I did. I had plans for the next day, but was doubtful I'd be able to keep them. I was to meet my friend Nancy and her husband at their home on the Severn River for either a ride in their motorboat or kayaking. I took lots of meds and slept till 9:30! I got ready real quick and was at their house by 11. I could barely talk and had a throat lozenge in my mouth at all times. First we went out on their boat. It was its maiden voyage of the season and they wanted to see how it rode. We were out for about an hour. The boat traffic on the bay was a little scary. They determined they needed the barnacles removed and the bottom of the boat scraped. We had a snack at their house then got on the kayaks. I was having a really hard time. My kayak only wanted to go right. They were giving me instructions, but it didn't help. I felt so foolish. How could I have done so well the day before? Finally we found a cove to beach the kayaks at and I traded with Nancy. Her's has a rudder. From then on, it was smooth going. We stopped on the shore of the waterfront house Kit and I invited ourselves to on Tuesday. Matt came out to say hi. Then we paddled back. 3.5 miles.

Relaxing boat ride

View from their house

I had an invite to go to my brother's afterward but for once I was smart enough to stop. Because of how sick I was. I did come home and mow one side of my lawn. I had to...it was an eyesore. Then I got on my hammock and listened to my audiobook for a long time. Then I laid on my lounge chair on my deck listening till dark. I had ice cream for dessert. It was a wonderful evening.

One place Sparky doesn't bark from

Today I'm supposed to bike with my friend Kit along the B&A Trail in Annapolis. I'll probably do it despite the sickness. It's another wonderful day! I think I'm going to enjoy having Tuesdays off.

24 May 2014


If Sparky didn't bark whenever he wanted for extended periods of time, I'd like him a lot. He needs a few weeks away with a trainer. Grrr. His favorite place to bark is in front of a living room window. Right now I have him tied up to the coffee table in the family room. He's not happy. But he's not barking. As much. Had he been my dog, I would have taken him to obedience school as a puppy. He didn't live here then. Note: I unleashed him from the coffee table. He immmediately ran to the living room window and started barking. He wouldn't follow any of my commands to go in his crate. If Sparky didn't bark all the time, I'd like him a lot. It's a good thing he's cute and likes to walk. When his buddy Caylib used to visit, he was mostly well-behaved. I don't plan on getting him a companion.

Work was a bear today. I had to do corrective color on one of my clients. Squeeze her in. I highlighted her hair yesterday. I use the same 4 colors every time. This time one of the colors turned out primary color red. Luckily there weren't that many streaks of that color. When we saw the color we knew it was red. I told her it would fade (it will) and that she could tell others she decided to get some pops of color. Right :-)? Today she texted asking if I could squeeze her in to fix it. I did. It was a multi-step, very-stressful correction. I got very good advice from one of my co-workers, and her formula fixed it. It was wonderful to get off of work and head to Starbucks. I got an Americano with an extra shot to go. I needed it!

My brother, his girlfriend and I went to Union Market. They loved it. Yay! We split food from a couple of places, had a beer and dessert.

I need to get ready for bed. My kayak trip is in the morning!

23 May 2014

Still sniffling

Not much to write about tonight but thought I'd make an attempt since this really is my diary. Of sorts. The day started with a 2 mile walk with Sparky and my audiobook. I'm not really loving the series. Yesterday I said I would finish it to follow-through. Life is short and there's so many books out there that I might change my mind. It's one thing to finish a book that you're not crazy about and another to read a series. 

I had been watching Breaking Bad with Peter, but that's over, so I might watch the next episode by myself tonight. Prior to starting the show, I'd seen one episode, the next to the last one, with my friend Happyone and her husband. I didn't see how anyone could watch it! Little did I know how good it was and how hooked I would get. 

It was a busy day at work and I sneezed and sniffled through the day. How can your nose be clogged and drip at the same time? I hope I feel better tomorrow. After work I'm going to DC with my brother and his girlfriend to Union Market. If you feel inclined, Google unionmarketdc.com. It's a very cool place. My Georgia sister Ilene read about it a few years ago in Southern Living. I've been there 4 times. She hasn't.

I just got back from a short walk with the dog. One good thing about having a dog and not a fence is that you have to walk. I'm sure there are other good things about having this dog too. If he didn't bark so much I'm sure I'd list them.

22 May 2014


You know when you know that a cold is imminent? It started last night with a feeling in my throat. Tonight, it's full-blown. What an inconvenient time of year to be sick! I'm going on a kayaking trip this Sunday and I need to feel well. Enough. I know I will. The kayak rental is $55 and it's not refundable. And it's going to be so much fun. 

I had to drive my daughter to work this morning because her car was towed to a repair shop last night. Why? Because I helped her 'find' the dipstick for the engine oil except I picked the one for the transmission fluid. It was the first dipstick I saw and I didn't look any further. We didn't realize our (my) mistake until I saw the oil pooling on my driveway. She moved her car to the street so I could clean up. Then we looked at the engine and saw the big old cap for the oil and the oil dipstick. We quickly looked at the owners manual and realized where we poured the oil. My daughter and I posted about it on Facebook and took the advice we got: have the car towed and the transmission flushed. $200 later, plus an oil change, and the car is good. It was a costly mistake. I was glad to hear from the mechanic that it happens. I guess it's been a long time since I've had to check my oil? I'll never repeat that mistake!

I went to my second yoga class last night. It was harder than the first, but probably because I was sore from Monday's class. I still loved it and really like the instructor. I installed Pocket Yoga on my iPad about a year ago...I think I might finally use it to supplement the classes. One of my clients told me about the app and at the time I had good intentions but no follow-through.

I've really stepped up my walking. It's great that it gets dark late so I can walk twice a day. I've been listening to a science fiction series on Audible on my iPhone while I walk (I listen to it other times too). It's not a genre I normally listen to, and there's 5 books in this series. I'm on book 2. I think I'll listen to them all just to explore a world I know nothing about, and just because I'd like to follow-through.

I'm feeling pretty miserable so I think I'll lay this body down. Later!

20 May 2014

I'm not shy

Part 1:
I had a great 4-mile walk with Sparky. Lucky dog!

Part 2:
I was driving to pick up my mom when my sister Lisa told me the Blue Angels were rehearsing sometime today for tomorrow's Naval Academy graduation. Right then, as I was crossing over the Severn River Bridge, four jets flew overhead!

I didn't take this picture, but that's what they looked like! As I drove, you could hear them all around. It was exciting. 

My friend Kit met us at Mom's favorite restaurant. Old Country Buffet. Woohoo! Mom was SO happy and ate SO slow. Patience hasn't been one of my virtues lately. Kit was very entertaining with her stories, which helped a lot. I didn't rush my mom one bit.

Part 3:
We put Kit's bike on my bike rack so we could park in the Annapolis Park n' Ride and cycle the B&A trail. As we got closer Kit remarked that the real rehearsal for the Blue Angels was at 2:00. Just then we saw a gazillion cars parked in the median and shoulder. Most of the cars were empty. We found a space in the lot and started to bike fast, hoping we could get a water view. Along comes a pick-up truck trying to make a right hand turn down a narrow wooded road. I know, long story. Well, I'm not shy. I asked him if he had a waterfront home with a view because we really wanted to see the Blue Angels. And he invited us! Down, down, down we rode our bikes. And there was our view! The guy, Matt, my age, was really nice. We walked down to the beach. Here' some of the boaters and their view...

Here's our view from the beach. The Academy is just beyond the bridge.

Here's his cottage with the chairs overlooking the water.

Kit and I made a new friend! Matt lives in the cottage with his girlfriend, and is caretaker of the property, in addition to his real job. The land has been in the Brice family for 9-10 generations. We exchanged contact info so I could come back to enjoy the view. He said he's out of town a lot. What an adventure. For Matt and for us. I don't imagine many strangers ask to visit his home.

Part 4:
Kit and I biked almost 13 miles on a picture-perfect day, on a beautifully-wooded paved path, with a stop for gelato along the way. 

Part 5:
And the moral of the story is...an ordinary day can be spectacular. Especially if you aren't shy.

19 May 2014

A day in the life...

I just got home from my first yoga class. It was both harder than I imagined and more rewarding. I've wanted to do yoga for years. I thought it had so much to do with balance, which I don't have. Yet. I didn't realize the spiritually of it. Yoga is included in my gym membership. I'll be able to go twice a week, unless my dance card gets filled. Summer is a busy time for me, so it's hard to commit. Time will tell what I'll do. I'll go again Wednesday night for sure.

I went to the National Arboretum today. Prior to last year, I had never been. I was amazed when I went last year. The rhododendroms and azaleas were in full bloom as were the dogwoods. I went three weeks in a row. Today? Everything was way past peak. It was still wonderful to be there. I'll just have to remember to go earlier next year. My friend Kathy from Kathy's Peace went with me and she was a great companion. She treated me to a Blizzard at DQ on the way home.

I seem to have a problem with losing glasses. I hate to admit it but it's true. Two years ago I lost my progressive lens glasses at the beach. They had to have fallen out of my cover-up pocket when I squatted to take a picture. They were in a case. Now I've lost not one but two pairs of Ray Ban progressive lens sunglasses. I lost my newest pair a week ago Sunday. I looked for them on Monday. They were on top of my head when I ate dinner. My waiter remembered seeing them. They were on top of my head at the concert I went to next door. My friend remembered seeing them. I walked back to the house stopping for ice cream at Kilwins. They weren't there. I retraced all my steps. No luck. Today, a week later, I decided to stop into every store on Main St and West St, just in case someone found them on the sidewalk and turned them in. I couldn't give up until I exhausted all the possibilities. My quest was not for naught. Oh, I didn't find my sunglasses. I did get to go into every store and bar and restaurant and talk to people and see things that I normally wouldn't. And it was a beautiful day. And I was happy despite my loss. Too bad there's no such thing as inexpensive progressive lenses. I really miss those glasses. 

Tomorrow I'll be biking and taking my mom out. Maybe I'll write again too. 


18 May 2014

This and that (it's nice to be nice)

I've titled more than a few posts 'This and That'. It's my blog and it's my prerogative and I like those 3 words because they say so much.

A public blog doesn't tell the entire story. That's just the way it is. I've aways been guarded in what I've shared here. I know the same is true for my blogging friends. For instance, I never mention my daughter's name anymore. I know that occasionally she scans my blog for her name. I only call her 'my daughter' so I never get called out. Smart me. I try not to write about the hard times, but we all have them. I've certainly written about my mom through the years. That couldn't be avoided. Her stroke and the subsequent years have had a major affect on my life. Good old mom...I do love her dearly. I will say that all the positive stuff has been true. I was blessed to be born with a good attitude. The bad stuff, well, it happens to us all. It's what we do with it that counts. Look at me being all philosophical! I've never claimed to be overly deep. I am what I am and make no excuses. How I am has served me well over the years. I'm thankful for having a naive nature about esoteric matters. I'd rather be real and understood by the masses instead of the few. My mother's famous 'last words' have always been 'it's nice to be nice'. I wholeheartedly agree. 

10 May 2014


Obviously it's been a long, long time since I've written. Time flies. And time is short. And I've been busy and it's spring time. 

It's a Saturday after work and I'm having my latte. Lately I've been getting one to go because of other plans, but today I'll be staying close to home. It looks like stormy weather is on the way. I went to the nursery yesterday to pick up most of my plants and plan to get them in the ground tomorrow or Monday. I was looking at the picture I featured in my last post. What a difference 5 weeks makes. Here's a picture as my tulips started to bloom. As the early red tulips were finishing, all the rest bloomed. I usually pull all the tulips every year. This year I only composted the red ones. The others I bought from Longwood Gardens and they were gorgeous and I want to see if they come back next year. So I'll deal with the dying foliage. I don't like that. My perennials are up and running and the garden is looking lush.

My sister and I went to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA on Monday. Google it to get an idea of how amazing it is. They planted over 240,000 tulips outdoors and 25,000 in the conservatory. We were there on a beautiful day. It was amazing. It was my 4th time at Longwood in the past year.

I've been spending time on the water with my bf Peter. We've gone sailing a few times and did an overnight recently. I love it. 

We've also been out a few times on his power boat. I love that too. I've always loved the water and I feel right at home on a boat. Life is good!

My brother is hosting Mother's Day tomorrow. I'll pick my parents up and bring them to his house. My mother wanted hamburgers, so that's what it will be. I'm going to a concert at Ram's Head in Annapolis that night to see David Bomberg. My friend Nancy had an extra ticket and invited me to be her guest. I don't know his music, but I'm sure I'll love it. Speaking of concerts, I saw one of my favorite bands of all time last Sunday. Nickle Creek. I discovered them years ago. They just put out their first album in 7 years and it's their first tour in that many years. It was at a small venue, The 9:30 Club in DC. They were so great and the crowd was so appreciative of every song and the entire night was so feel-good/life is good that afterward I said it was one of the best nights of my life. 

Time to move on. Nice writing again!

29 March 2014

Happy Me

It's beginning to feel a lot like...well, not a lot, but definitely like the beginning of spring. Soon my garden will be awash in tuips, daffodils and phlox. All I'll need are plastic colored-eggs hanging from the trees for it to look like the Easter house. Good thing I don't have trees! After this winter, I don't care how gaudy my garden looks.

Here's 'my' secret garden. It's in the woods around the corner from my house. One year I discovered a tiny patch of miniature daffodils. I often pick them and they look lovely in my tall blue shotglass. I was walking Sparky the other day and remembered them. I noticed lots of tree debris and yard waste that neighbors put in the woods and was afraid they had covered 'my' daffodils. I went in and saw the patch and pushed aside some leaves and branches. The patch is bigger than ever. I can't wait till they bloom!

Yesterday was the first morning I was able to sit out on my porch. I did the same thing after work. Happy me!

24 March 2014


I'm always amazed by how much time I can spend in a coffee shop. I'm at a local place in Annapolis right now.

I've been looking up events/books/etc. that clients have recommended.

Browsing Facebook. Reading email. Checking out the news and blogs. Time flies.

I made a great appetizer for two events this weekend. If I must say so myself :-) I needed to figure out how to make the tortilla 'cups' to hold them. My sister and I brainstormed and we did it!

Yesterday was book club. We read Tell The Wolves I'm Home. Everyone loved it but one. 

I listen to all my books. I just bought a bluetooth headset. Love it! I recently finished We Are Water by Wally Lamb. A very worthwhile read. It's right up there with his other award-winning books. I'm listening to The Invisable Thread now. Non-fiction. I'd highly recommend it.

I feel like I'm wasting my morning away by hanging out here. But, what does that mean? Why should I feel that way? It's too cold to do much of anything outside. I have my bag packed to go to the gym today. There's nothing I need to do at home. Sure I could be cleaning. Who wants to do that? Not me! My house is very neat. My floors are dirty. I can live with that. Have I ever mentioned how much I would love to have someone clean my house? It would be the ultimate luxury to me. Actually, ulitmate is a bit overboard. I would love it, though. I'm just too frugal to pay someone to do it for me. 

I had a massage at my salon on Friday. That was a luxury. One that I should schedule on a regular basis. I get a very generous employee discount. It's been years since I had one there. I wonder why. 

I can't wait till summer!

15 March 2014

Not Chica the Chinchilla

Just a random thought to start this post. If you were siitting in a crowded coffee house would you  engage in a Facetime conversation on your Apple device? I wouldn't. I'm trying to think my own thoughts right now, but I'm finding it hard to concentrate. It could be that this person doesn't have wi-fi at home. He probably thinks that he's talking in a conversational tone, and doesn't realize that's hard to gauge when you're wearing earbuds. I'm not anti-social! I just want myy peace and quiet when I want it.

Be right back...my sister is trying to Facetime me. Kidding.

I really have meant to be a better writer. A more frequent poster. I have had a lot of comments lately. Lots! All spam on a post labled Chica the Chinchilla. I just ignore them. I hate being popular for the wrong reasons.

I got off work early today. I'm inside with my coffee and feel guilty because its so nice outside. I'll be out soon, and out in Annapolis till Monday. Lots of stuff going on for St. Patrick's Day. I'll be there with Peter.

On that note, I'm going to cut this short. I'll go home and take Sparky on a long walk before heading out. A short post counts, right?

01 March 2014

A woman's best friends

For once, I'm not writing from a coffeehouse. Not to say I wasn't in one today. It's Saturday, after all.

This is my view. The Valentine's roses have lasted a long time!  

I'm having a quiet night at home. No one to play with but the dogs. Actually, they're quite entertaining to watch. I only have Caylib for a few more days and we'll miss him a lot when he's gone. He and Sparky play, play, play. Caylib doesn't bark, he prances, he tosses toys in the air, he snuggles, and his greatest joy in life is retrieving balls that are kicked to him outside. And he keeps a ball in his mouth whenever he's outside. Did I mention he doesn't bark? Barking is my #1 complaint about Sparky, who is very cute. I wouldn't want it to sound like I have a favorite. No, not me :-)

The last part of my workday was very stressful. I had a new client for highlights and a haircut and for some reason, I became very anxious, which led me to being very, very anxious. I knew I'd get over it, but it took what seemed like forever. By the time the highlights were over and it was time for her haircut, I was absolutely fine. Go figure. She loved her hair. Relaxing at Starbucks afterward never felt so good. 

I think I'll watch me some House of Cards now, snuggled up under a blanket. I hope the barker feels like snuggling. (Unlikely)

26 February 2014

The dog days of winter

I better write something before too much time passes. The longer I go without blogging, the longer I go without blogging.

I'm so ready for spring and summer. It doesn't have anything to do with how much snow we've had. It doesn't have anything to do with the cold weather. It has everything to do with warm weather and daylight and flowers and green grass and leaves on the trees, and swimming outside. I long to be outside every moment that I can. I want to write about sitting on my porch watching the hummingbirds. Taking pictures of my garden. The same things I write about every spring and summer. I'm such a couch-potato in the winter. Especially this winter due to Netflix. I watched and loved Scandal. I'm on season 2 of House of Cards. I'm on season 2 of Breaking Bad. Now that the Olympics are over, all my regular shows are back on TV. So I spend most nights watching TV. It is entertaining. I don't want to spend my nights watching TV. I've also been eating more than normal. Snack food. I'm officially out of everything bad. I don't plan to buy more. I'm still going to the gym on a regular basis, thank goodness. Unfortunately, my right shoulder is starting to bother me. It stopped my swimming a few years back. I don't want to stop swimming but I don't want to change my stroke either. I'm going to look into all the classes the gym offers. I'll find one to go to tomorrow. I'm still walking, but not as much as I'd like to. Another reason I want warm weather and daylight. I want to walk before and after work. I was able to get out on my bike this past weekend when it got up to 60°. That felt wonderful! I biked the 12 mile BWI trail around the airport. I also walked 4 miles around the neighborhood. That was a happy day. It looks like it might get near 50° on Sunday. I'll bike again if it does. 

Looking over that last paragraph...maybe I should have left it to the first sentence?

I wrote in my last post that I watched Peter's dog Caylib for a week while he was away. He's away again and I'm watching Caylib for 10 days. I really like him. 

It's really good for Sparky to have a companion. It's not much more work to care for an extra dog. If you knew me before Sparky, you knew I didn't like dogs at all. Not one bit. Then Sparky came to live with us when my daughter moved back in and I felt obligated to take care of him. And now I have two dogs that I really care about. Except for Sparky's barking, which drives me crazy. It's a good thing he's so cute!

I've been writing this in Starbucks. I came here after work. I'm drinking a decaf. It's time to head home to the dogs and the TV. And no snacks.


13 February 2014

Snow day

It's a snow day. I opted to get snowed in at Peter's in Annapolis. We got over 12" of snow at my house. We got about 4" in downtown Annapolis with sleet and rain on top. In other words, messy. But still beautiful. It sure was nice not to have to shovel. Thanks Emily! They do a great job of cleaning up the snow here. The city workers were busy shoveling. We went to lunch at McGarvey's. The place was so busy! Walking back to the house we passed guys and girls in fatigues shoveling the side streets and resident's steps. Turns out there were about 150 midshipmen out helping in downtown. Very nice. I think they're calling for a second round of a couple of inches of snow. I'm fine with that. I was scheduled to work today and have tomorrow as my day off. Now I have two days off. Happy me. Of course that means I don't get payed. I'm prepared for that.

Some Annapolis pictures:

Kunta Kinte Memorial plus a big-nosed snowman :-)

Ice, Ice baby

No Ice cream today

City Dock

It's a quiet day that's flying by. All days off do. I've always maintained that we need at least 36 hours in a day. Who's with me? 

Friends are coming over and we'll walk to dinner. Oh, how I love this town.