07 November 2007

I've been a slacker. Yeah, right. I just didn't have much to say yesterday. I'm usually pretty tired out on the nights I work till 7:00, and the early darkness doesn't help. It's a luxury when I can get into bed at 9:00 with a book, and that's what I did.

I woke up early this morning to make Emily a cheese omelet. I don't think she's tried to make another one since she posted about it. I don't mind; I consider myself to be a pretty accomplished omelet maker. Plus, she likes me to cook for her. I got an early start this morning and went looking for a Christmas gift I have in mind for Emily. Didn't find it. Of course, I can't mention what it is. It was a usual busy day at work. I planned to make a pizza for dinner when I got home, but was too hungry so I got one from Pizza Boli's. It's very close to my house, and it's really inexpensive when you pick it up. We usually have a pineapple pizza every Wednesday. Yum.

Tomorrow is my day off, but I'll be at work for hours. We have a Redken color class that starts at 9:00. On my day off. It's the last of all the classes scheduled for this year. I'm sure it will be good, and as a bonus, they'll feed us. After the class I'm getting an hour-long full body massage. I'm so excited about that. A full hour of laying on a comfortable bed with soft music playing, wonderfully aromatic candles burning, and the lights dimmed. Oh, and an expert who's only task is to spend a full hour laying hands on me. Did I say I can't wait? I have no idea why I don't get massages more often. We have two massage therapists in my salon and I get an excellent discount. It's just something I never take the time for.

Well, that's it for me for tonight. I'm going to see if I can't make an early night of it. I'll be around to check your blogs soon.


fiwa said...

A full hour massage? That is excellent! I hope you really enjoy it.

Andrew said...

Ah, a massage would make my blubber flubber! lol I can see me shaking now. So glad you posted tonight. It means a lot to some of us, ya know? I know you were tired though yesterday so it made this post all the sweeter to get. Absense makes the heart grow fonder as they say.

I've been completely camera happy on my blog. I am dieing to take pictures. I just don't have any subjects! I guess I will keep looking.

Enjoy your class tomorrow and the massage. Nice to treat yourself sometimes. It reminds me of my daily cup of coffee down at the convenience story. I better quit before I write you a book! hehe

Jonathon Andrew

Mary said...

Sigh. . . a massage sounds wonderful. I still have my birthday gift certificate at the local spa. I'm making plans now.

SpringMist said...

Good night Cheryl :).
I always ask the pineapple to be taken off whn I order pizza :). I dont like the sweetness it gives the pizza!

Moohaa said...

I am Green, girl! A full massage? Good for you. You work so hard, you seriously deserve it.

You know what I just realized? The heroine in my book is a single mom and has a 14 year old. Maybe I should write in a scene with an omelet in recognition of a great mom.

Have a great day tomorrow and I hope that massage melts all of your muscles to goo. ;)

bonnie said...

I'm sorry you have to work on your day off. Bummer. I'm with Andrew on his comment about some of us need you to blog. If you didn't blog, I might stop too. Reading your blog is like talking on the phone with your favorite neighbor. When you cut my sister's hair she said you are the kind of person that would make a good friend. I think of you as a wonderful friend and I'm so glad to know you.

Jay said...

Pineapple Pizza? When I worked for a pizza place back in college we introduced a pineapple pizza and I couldn't believe how many we sold. I told the boss I didn't think it would go over too well. Shows what I know, huh?

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

yumm,..pizza!!! YUM!!
So pizza is wed's...do you have a spaghetti night too?
I remember the pregnancy massage I had and it was divine...I'm hoping you left there relaxed and uncramped and feeling like tinkerbelle floating around.. :)

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

we all need to nurture that creative side in us.

Lena said...

You get discounts for on your massages? So lucky! I am jealous. You have to treat yourself more.

I try to go once a month. Enjoy your massage and good-bye stress knots!

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