08 March 2009

Itinerary, not that you asked

Here was my day:
Sweep deck
Sweep driveway
Turn on outdoor water and bring out hoses
Straighten out garage a little
Set up laptop on deck and do stuff on the Internet while watching/listening to birds
Eat a grilled cheese sandwich on the deck
Make some phone calls while out on the deck
Totally detail the inside of my car while listening to my iPod/iPhone
Watch my neighbor's tree being cut down while talking to neighbors
Read three day's worth of newspapers on the deck
Eat a Lean Cuisine on the deck

Bring laptop back out to deck and do stuff on the Internet while watching/listening to birds
Stay out till it's too dark to see (after 7:00!)
Vacuum whole house
Mop kitchen floor
Clean one bathroom
Set up laptop on kitchen table and do stuff on the Internet

Meet my father at the mechanics at 8:00 AM. I'll leave the car there and have my 60,000 mile service done. Then I'll use his car and take my mom to the doctor's, out to lunch, etc... I'll probably be there all day waiting for the car to be ready. Don't think the day will be quite as much fun.


Kathy said...

What a nice day you had!! No, tomorrow doesn't sound like as much fun, does it?
We grilled chicken for fajitas! Yummy!


it sounds like a very cathartic day!
Even though today means business, I am glad that you're getting the car drama (FINGERS CROSSED!!) taken care of.
Did you bring a book with to read?

happyone said...

I spent some time on my deck too doing needlepoint. What a gorgeous day we had.

beachgirl said...

I went to the gym, then to the beach and then had to go buy a new blender again. The kids burned out another one.
Tomorrow is my youngest sons 26th birthday. So we are having a pizza party, (several vegetarians, my son included) then a home made red velvet cake. My daughter is dying it purple as a joke.
So tomorrow will be busy.
Have an awesome day.

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