05 February 2010


We're bracing for a big storm. I don't like the anticipation, especially when it's on a work day. Will it start at 11:00, just when I'm starting my first client? Will it start later when I'm in the middle of a service that will take hours to finish? I like an overnight snow. The latest forecast is for just a few inches by night, then 12-24" through tomorrow. The previous forecast had it starting and coming down hard by noon. I'll run to the store (brave me) for butter if it's not crazy. It was crazy but orderly yesterday. I need the butter in case I make a pie. I'll go to Office Depot. I'll go to my favorite Chinese restaurant and pick up dinner for tonight. Then I'll go to work. My car had the 80,000 mile service done yesterday and it's gassed up. My two gas cans are filled for my neighbor's snow blower. Emily will be snowed in at her friend's. Rob has a gig tonight and I'm afraid he's going to get snowed in where he's at, about an hour away. It might be a few quiet days alone, but I hope not. I plan to caulk my shower. Maybe get a few other things done. Or nothing. We'll see. Time to start the running around. Happy days!


happyone said...

I was hoping that it would all just go off in another direction. It started here at 10, its 12:30 now and coming down hard but so far isn't sticking.

SOUL said...

oh i feel for you and your snow storm.
it's been cold here for days and days-- but sorry for you- good for me- no snow here. yet. there's always a yet isn't there.
global warming - my eye!
stay warm, hope your peeps make it home to be with you-
if not- enjoy the you time- read, bake- and save the caulking for when you have umpteen teen agers up in your hair :))


Andrew said...

OH! I so jealous. I know you hate me now! lol My brother and wife live in D.C. and they say they are sick and tired of snow and want to come back to Alabama, the land of cold rain! hehe Love ya good friend. I hope everything works out and you get home safe and sound.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Pls be careful, Cheryl..and Em too! No matter how cautious a driver, its the other people that you cannot trust.

You guys are sure getting the brunt of what usually falls over here in our frozen tundra. I wonder if there's a snow globe over the midwest states anytime a system moves in, it bounces off the globe like a pop up on boggle, and heads directly north east.

be safe.
and get your coffee and a good book.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I never minded being snowed in as long as I had plenty of supplies and didn't have to go out for work.....and as long as the power stayed on. Although its usually ice that takes that out, not just snow. I can't believe all this is missing us...just keeping to the south of us. I guess Mom Nature is making up for all the trauma we had last winter. Stay safe, be warm and I wish Rob could be stranded WITH you.

KathyA said...

The anticipation was too much for me. I was up at 4:00 and again, it started a lot earlier than predicted, but certainly wasn't as bad as last week as it was not as cold. Did you leave work early? I guess all appt's for tomorrow are canceled...Enjoy the quiet.

Leann said...

You must be in the DC area or close for that much snow. I was watching the weather channel very early this a.m. and caught the forcast. I love snow. Being snowed in with a nice glass of wine and a roaring fire or equivalent :-)

beachgirl said...

Enjoy the snow. I was in DC last weekend and got 7 inches of the white stuff. It was a good thing I didn't forget how to drive in it.
I will be going to work all day then riding tomorrow before the super bowl which is clogging traffic down here.

Jamie said...

Ugh...been there and done that, but I know you have too, this year. Good heavens, will it EVER end?

Hope that if you are snowed in alone, you feel peaceful and happy. Hugs, good buddy. :)

Lena said...

The storm was predicted for us, but it is not coming our way!

I hope you have a cozy weekend.

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