26 June 2011

Life's a beach

I'm having a lazy morning here at the beach. I put my chairs out a few hours ago, but for now I'm just sitting on a rocker inside the condo looking out at the beach and ocean. It's a great view!

We had an uneventful drive to our overnight destination of Smithfield, NC. Here's me, in the driver's seat. Notice the bag of jellybeans by my side?

Emily was a perfect front-seat passenger, and it was an easy 6-hour drive. We shopped at Dewaynes, then went to our nice, clean, inexpensive motel. We had dinner at Cracker Barrel, then went to a few stores at the outlets. My goal was to find new madras shorts at the GAP outlet, like I did last year. Success! Their men's shorts fit me really well. The best part of the night was the sky! Too bad it was setting over a huge outlet center instead of mountains or a meadow, but it was still amazing. I've never seen blue streaks radiating up! This photo is unedited.

We got to the beach about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. It's so nice to be back.

Time to enjoy my day. Hope you enjoy your's too.

I was SO happy that the inexpensive motel I picked from Priceline was so clean.


Josie said...

Have an awesome vacation and a wonderful birthday week coming up! :-))

Lena said...

Enjoy your time off! The picture of the sky is awesome!

Happy Vacationing!

Happyone : ) said...

Glad things are going smoothly and you're enjoying your vacation. That sunset is spectacular!!

Noofy said...

Blogging on Vacation? I love you are sharing your vacation experiences. Great shot of the sunset. It can only get better, right? Have a blast!

Retired Knitter said...

Oh my! I feel envy coming on. I so love the beach but haven't been there in years.

Jamie said...

I just know you're having an awesome time. Keep on keeping on, girly. Big hugs. :)

KathyA said...

It made me sad to know that while I was reading this today, you were already home!!! I'm glad you had your week at the beach.

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