05 February 2014

Blame it on the fuel

Starbucks helps me write. Not the place, necessarily. Not the caffeine, entirely. Being out in a coffeehouse with my iPad. I think that's the thing. It leads to random thoughts. Like how long it took me to buy a iPad and how did I ever compute so easily without it. Like how long it took to justify getting a iPhone, and how having a handheld computer changed everything. I look around me and most people are on thier laptops. I don't think we'll be seeing many laptops 5 years from now. I think hinges on computers will soon be a thing of the past. I was going to say till they wore out, but they're not meant to last all that long. I got a new laptop a few years ago. A 14" Toshiba. I wanted a smaller one. The 'R' never worked right. I hated the touchpad. My curser constantly jumped around. I have no clue why I didn't return it when I still could. These days I use my iPad for everything but: 
1.Changing my Facebook cover photo and profile picture and 2. Adding new billers to my online bank. One of these days I'll use it to change my Blogger template. I've had this one forever plus one day.

I had a short day today. A good one, which is usual. One of my clients was donating 8" of her hair to a charity. She read online that the best way to section the hair was with zip-ties. I sectioned her hair then measured each section. It was fun. Of course, I'm also easily entertained.

I also cut one of my co-worker's hair about 6" shorter. She does my hair and I do hers and our curly auburn hair always looks much the same. Now mine is longer. 

I'm going to be dog-sitting this cute pup for a week starting tomorrow.

His name is Caylib and he's Peter's dog. Sparky is going to be so excited when he finds out. They're pals and it will be great for both of them to have the companionship. Hopefully Caylib's good behavior will rub off on Sparky. Hopefully Sparky won't be heartbroken when the week is over.

Rambling time is over. I'm headed to the gym to swim. I'm hoping the caffeine will fuel my mile and maybe even add a few extra laps to it.

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Happyone said...

I'm old fashioned, I like the big screen on my computer. : )
How long will you be dog sitting?
More winter weather here. Ice last night and now more snow.

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