15 February 2008

Darn, no time to write. I'm rushing to Target before work to pick up a new alarm clock for Emily. Today was the second time in a week that she overslept. Using her cell for an alarm is just not cutting it. Happy day, peeps!


Portia said...

Happy day to you too! I was the worst over-sleeper EVER...I would turn any blaring alarm off without even waking up. Then I had kids:) Now even the alarm on my cell phone works for me, or anything that sounds like a baby.

C.A. said...

Oh Cheryl, I WISH I needed an alarm clock! I'm envious of anyone who does! Seems I get up earlier each day!

Your day yesterday sounded so wonderful...I know you enjoyed it. :) A few years back Little Girl and I were each others Valentines and it was one of my favorite years ever.

I hope youre having a wonderful day!

Cindi Ann

Moohaa said...

I have zero experience with teens, but does Em need more sleep? I heard teens need more sleep.

I agree, though, I use my cell for an alarm and it doesn't do squat. I'm so good at turning it off and never really waking up.

Have a good one!

Gin said...

I bought my bus monitor an alarm clock for Christmas (among other things) because she was always over-sleeping!

Have a great day!

Moohaa said...

Is that a new pic? Hottie! Great picture, Cheryl! Enjoy your weekend...

SOUL said...

my kid uses her cell AND an alarm-- and i still have to drag her out of bed almost every day.
hope the new clock works out :))

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