05 February 2008

I'll start with a warning: you might have read this before. Sorry! I put this up last night, only to find out that half the pictures were missing. I worked on it, put it up on my 'practice' blog, and it seemd to be in order. Not. So, here it is again, minus the pics.

What a grand getaway! We stayed at the Antrim 1844 Inn, in Taneytown, MD. One of my clients told me about it. He and his wife go there to celebrate very special occasions. He described the fabulous winter special, and after seeing the website, I was sold. I'll tell you the price after I describe our stay.

I didn't get a good picture of the mansion. (Not that it wants to appear here anyway.) As we walked up the stairs, the front doors were opened by two suited young men, and the concierge. That made an impression! After checking in, we drove to our rooms, where the gentlemen were waiting to carry in our luggage and give us a tour of our rooms. Yes, they were huge. The suites were the size of apartments. I had made arrangements for three rooms. My sister Ilene and my mother stayed in the Grant Suite, neighbor and friends Kelly and Barbara in the Lee Suite, and Kit and I in the Jackson Room, all in the Carriage House. The suites were the size of apartments. It turns out we were the only guests in the Carriage House.

After settling in, we made our way over to the mansion for the afternoon tea. We were treated to fancy sandwiches, savory scones, cookies, raspberries and blackberries, along with beautiful teas in silk bags. A gentleman was playing on a grand piano and singing jazz tunes. A fire was roaring in the huge fireplace. We were happy. And we knew this was just the start. Have I mentioned that we all like to eat?

We went back to the Carriage House after tea. I brought a few CD's and we listened to Norah Jones while enjoying some wine. Everyone changed into their evening clothes, and we went back to the mansion. It was a 30 second drive! We took the car because of my mother. Hors d'oeuvres were served at 6:30 while the piano man sung. There were bacon wrapped scallops, brie and raspberries in puff pastry, and some type of salmon tidbits. I had just come back from the bathroom when my sister said she liked that one best. I said, hmmm, where's mine? Oh, I sat on it. The wine, you know? Not too much damage done.

At 7:00 we were seated for the six course dinner. Our menus were printed with our names, and signed by the chef of this 4 star restaurant. We had three waitstaff just for our table. We started with cream of crab soup with crab ragout for some, and foie gras and salmon gravlax for others. Next was a sampling of salmon with capers and lemon and smoked oysters. Then a salad of fresh mozzarella and bresaola. I don't know what that means but it was delicious. The Intermezzo was a grapefruit ice. I chose Dover sole gratin with lemon and capers served on a bed of creamed leek as my entree. Others chose the filet and lobster bearnaise or the scallops with salmon, artichokes and tomatoes. Just wonderful! Lastly, we had a 'panache' of chef's desserts along with coffee. It was a three hour affair. We were so full. It was as amazing as it sounds.

We came back to see our beds turned down and this nice touch. It was billed as a 'romantic' getaway.

We visited for a few hours in the living room, not wanting to go to sleep on a full stomach, and still having a lot to talk about. Finally we went up to bed. In the morning, we were greeted by this outside our doors...

This was not breakfast. Really. I didn't eat my muffin. Didn't want to spoil the country breakfast. Which was just wonderful. I wish I could show you the pic. I won't try again.

The price? I know you shouldn't talk about price in 'polite company', but I don't mind, because it was amazingly affordable. And I did put in that tease in the beginning. The Romantic Winter Special is usually $119 per person, plus taxes. We were upgraded to the suites because they were handicapped accessible, for just $159 per person. Including everything. The regular price of staying in the suites without the package and no meals is $325-$400 per person per night. This was truly a getaway to remember, and I will surely thank my client for recommending it. I feel as though I've been on vacation. And treated like a queen.

Sorry for this very long post. I just couldn't help myself!


Jay said...

That's a really nice place. Very swanky. And you guys got a really great bargain!

Mary said...

A getaway to remember. You ladies really had a wonderful experience. I went to the Inn's site and clicked on "accommodatons" to check out the digs. Wow! So glad you had an enjoyable getaway. You needed a break from the routine.

Happyone said...

WOW! That sounds like a wonderful getaway!!
I'm glad you had such a good time. The price was really good considering all that was included. AND I enjoyed reading the whole post! :-)

Dave said...

Some of the photos still missing but there are enough to get the jist of the great time that you had. Nothing is better than a break away from the doldrums of life! Take care! :-)

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

That bed looks very inviting. Thanks for sharing this. I enjoyed it.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

IF this is long, then I'm going to call it a beautiful COMMERCIAL compared to my annoying post/rants!

I LOVED THIS! And the place looks amazing! You deserved it!


Brad said...

Thank you sweets - great pics - Glad you all had such a great time.

Summer said...

It's sounds perfect!

SOUL said...

sounds amazing.
the food is stuff i have only seen on cooking shows.. did you really like it??
i'm glad you got to do this.
have a happy day

Gin said...

Wow, great deal and it sounded like a lovely getaway! I'll bet you're feeling great after such a nice weekend.

heiresschild said...

wow Cheryl, this is amazing from the rooms to the food to the price! i'm so glad you enjoyed yourself! and just think, some people live like that all of the time!

Jamie said...

That sounds like a great weekend away...I am so happy that you had fun and felt special with the pampering, somehow I don't think you get pampered enough- you are probably the one who does the pampering, am I right? And the food does sound wonderful...

I wish that place was near to me..I could use a little R & R myself.

Have a great day Cheryl. :)

jAMiE said...

Oh Cheryl, how wonderful for you and your family/friends...it sounds like a lovely place.

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