13 February 2009


I really should have blogged yesterday since I was off. Especially after my "jelly bean" post. Things are quiet on the home-front. That means I'm happy.

I dragged myself to the pool yesterday. Met my friend Sarah there, for the first time. It's really not a place to be social since we were both swimming and had only a few minutes afterward to talk. Maybe we'll do it again and water walk when we're done with the swim. I've never had anyone to go to the gym or pool with. It's what I'm used to, so it's fine, but yesterday was nice.

I went to Panera's for lunch. Then to school conferences. Emily is doing well and her teachers like her. I'm not surprised. She's friendly, funny and outgoing.

We watched a few episodes of Fringe. Then we heard a loud crash on the deck. We looked out to see a huge raccoon. The shepherd's hook that was holding the suet was laying on the deck, with the raccoon trying to open the feeder. I've never seen a raccoon in person, and we were both freaked out by it! I haven't had suet out in years and just put it out yesterday. That's the end of that. I don't want to encourage him/her to come back.

This is pretty boring, but I wanted to write something!

Anyone going out for Valentine's Day? I'll be staying in. What else is new?

Happy Friday!


Kathy said...

Dick and I are going to The Narrows for lunch tomorrow. On Sunday we'll ride up to see my mom.
I'll see you this afternoon!

Susan said...

Worst day ever to go out. I can't stand crowds.

Our tradition is for Shaun to make us the "Valentine Dinner" or as some people call it, Chicken Cordon Bleu...my very favorite.

Portia said...

Glad things are calm around there. I had to look up suet. I wondered if you were going to cook with it, or if it was for the birds. No big plans for tomorrow, but I did request a pre-cooked dinner in the form of lobster. I hope you have a fabulous weekend:)

Brad said...

Yeah, I'd nix the suet if it attracked him that fast. Their nice to look at from a distance but you don't want to make friends.

bacon_chic said...

Staying in is the new going out... I will be enjoying a quiet movie night in with my little furry companion, Shaggy.

Gin said...

You're smart not to encourage the coons. They are smart too and can do indescribable damage with their little human-like hands!

BTW, I love jelly beans too!

We're staying in for Valentine's Day. I need to stick to my diet. I really cheated today. I had some candy and made lasagna for supper (even tho it was diety, it didn't feel much like I was dieting!!)

Have a great V day and hope you get a chance to relax!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

We going to stay in and have champagne and cheese and French bread and berries and cold cuts. Michael will probably want to play Edith Piaf on the CD player.

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