15 February 2009

The Sunday Times

It's Sunday, so that means you get to see my tomato plants (like it or not). The booklet said they like to be pruned, and I pruned away. Emily said the plants now look like broccoli. They do look like little trees.

Good-bye unproductive foliage

Hello pretty yellow buds

It was a really good day. I got an early start and hung out with my mom. We went to lunch at TGI Friday's. I had a great salad with pecan crusted chicken, mandarin oranges, craisins, etc. The place was packed at 1:00 with a lobby full of people waiting. It was good to see a thriving business when we see so many closed down. I stopped at the grocery on my way home, then picked up Emily and off to the mall we went. I called Macy's early in the day to see if they had a sheet set in green to exchange for one I bought in ivory. They did, and said they'd put it behind the counter. Unfortunately, they held the wrong color so I didn't get them. Emily bought (meaning me) a few tops from American Eagle. I bought a new case for my iPhone with a Christmas gift card from my friend Kit. That was the mall adventure. Here's some pictures we took at the Apple store.

We came home and Em had a typical kid's dinner before heading out to the movies...chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. I had *surprise* butternut squash soup. I made two batches last night to freeze. For the first time I made one of them with curry instead of garam masala, and it's my favorite. I'm sitting here with a glass of wine. Ahhh...Life is Good.


Kathy said...

You've got tomato buds!!!! It won't be long now.
Glad you had a nice day with Em.

Summer said...

We were reading each other's blogs at the same time. Ha!

You look more like Em's sister than her mother. I'm just saying....

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Your tomatoes are getting me so antsy for summer.

happyone said...

Tomato plants looking good!!
Sounds like a nice day.
Cool pictures!!

Dear Liza said...

Those pictures are the best...you are so tech-knowledgeable, I am jealous...

Your tomato plants do look like little trees.

Happy Monday.


Gin said...

I never heard of pruning tomato plants!! But it's really a good idea...I'll have to remember that! Now, bring on summer!!

I love your fun photos.

Andy and I were just talking yesterday about wanting to go to TGIFridays some time soon. But not when it's too crowded! I don't have time to wait in line on a weekday.

Brad said...

My Italian herb garden is completely overgrown. I think I'll yank them and plant tomatoes too. They look like more fun! Are you on the Aerogarden mailing list? Let me know if you want to be and I'll send you the sign up stuff.

ellesu said...

Your tomato plants look like bonsai trees! Lookin' good.

Lena said...

I enjoy seeing pictures of your tomato plants! I keep wondering if my 89 year old farmer father would enjoy this. Is it hard to do?

He needs something to occupy his time with, and growing tomatoes was his whole life.

The fun photos are great!

fiwa said...

Those pictures are hilarious!

I'm really jealous of your tomato plants - please do keep sharing the photos - that way I can decide if I want to get one of those myself next year.

ac said...

Love the montage pics of you and your daughter. Very high techie cool. YOU HAVE BUDS! Yay!

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