03 August 2010

Day One and Pictures.

Cape Cod Day 1

It's Tuesday night and we're at Barnes and Noble. We're here so I can use their Internet. Their fast Internet. Thank you Barnes and Noble.

Click on the picture to see most of Day 1 pictures. It's probably best as a large slideshow. I'm not sure if you see captions in the slideshow. As it turned out, I've run out of space on Google to upload more pictures. Fortunately it's only $5 per year to have lots more space. I have to wait 24 hours. The downside.

Today was pretty wonderful. We went to Sandy Neck Park in Barnstable. Hyannis is in Barnstable. It was amazing and I'll post Day 2 pictures soon. It's the only beach I've ever been to that was totally rocky. I love rocks. I loaded up my backpack twice with rocks. I now have a box of rocks in my car. Granite rocks. Rocks I'll have to research. In my 'spare' time. I was fascinated by the beach. The dunes. The land. You'll see. It was very windy. And sunny. It was in the mid-70's. It was delightful.

I went to the beach that's a few blocks from the house when we got back. It was very windy. I didn't stay too long. I made Tomato Pie for dinner. It might have been my best yet.

Tired. Goodnight Barnes and Noble. Goodnight great day 2.


KathyA said...

Loved the photos! Don't think I'll try the pie made from ill-behaved children, though.

Happyone :-) said...

I have used up 92% of my free picture space. I think I'll just start another brand new blog when I use mine up.
I'm going to look at your pictures now.

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