09 August 2010

No more on the road again.

Yes, another slide-show. You know what to do!

Cape Cod Day Day 4

I'm home and I have Internet, but I have no energy. I'm in the throes of caffeine withdrawal big-time. I want a headache like everyone else instead of this inertia. I feel drugged. This is my planned recovery day and I've spent most of it on the couch. I'm resting up for tomorrow when I'll need my energy for real life. Work! I don't regret one of the many, many, many iced coffees and hot coffees I had during the week. Well, I didn't while I was having them.

I wound up taking a slight detour on my way back to MD. Not so slight. I drove from the Cape to Stone Harbor, NJ to visit my cousin and his wife.

I got stuck in 125 miles of beach traffic in South Jersey. I don't think that was the kind of traffic Google meant. I was in Stone Harbor for a wonderful 21 hours. Then I drove to Rob's. Then home. It's no wonder I'm tired. I drove more than 1,200 miles, all told. I didn't mind the drive. Fortunately, the only problem I had with my car was the flat I found this morning. From a stone in my cul-de-sac. Go figure.

Time to nap. I'll catch up later.


Happyone :-) said...

Welcome back home!!
All that way and you get a flat at home, but if you're going to get a flat that's the place to do it!

KathyA said...

Wonderful photos as usual. Welcome home!!! I'm glad if you had a flat, it wasn't out on the road. So how did you like Stone Harbor? We'll talk!

ilen said...

Nice pics. I really want to get there some day!

Mary said...

Oh, Cheryl, what a wonderful vacation! The pictures were like a vacation to me. I've been home so long that I almost forgot that there is a great big world out there. Thank you for sharing your trip via pictures.

beachgirl said...

Nice drive up and back. I have done it often when I lived up there.
I really don't miss the beach traffic.

Jules said...

There is just something about postcards.... Someone's memory tucked away in your mailbox. A souvenir of thought to say you were there.

I love their charm. I love how each one surprised me to recieve!! I am humbled that you remembered me along the way. And delighted with my new additions !!

WELCOME HOME Indeed.......

Leann said...

Welcome home safe and sound. I love to drive but it can make one weary. I've never driven the Eastern seaboard. It goes on my 'to-do' list.

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