28 February 2011

I'll get dressed tomorrow

I never push the 'next blog' button while reading blogs. Do you? I was bored on Saturday night and did some exploring. I was pretty amazed with my findings. Most every blog was a 'mommy blog'. You know, come read about the life and times of the _____ family. Check out the pictures of Avery eating organic peas, Augyst playing dress-up and Alayna building towers with her wooden blocks. Most of the bloggers are really good photographers too. I wonder how that happens? It didn't matter whose blog I 'launched' from, they were all so similar. I've found the majority of blogs I follow through comments left on friends' blogs, or on my own. I've found lasting friends through my friend Andrew.

I spent all day yesterday at my parent's. Ten hours! My mom loved my being there. I was the mother hen, and I waited on her. And my dad. I took one break to pick up Mom's favorite body lotion, and a latte from Barnes and Noble for me. It was not as good as Borders. I took this photo and gave it a soft focus using my Photoshop Express app.

Talking about apps (something I like to do), I added PBS to my iPhone on Saturday. I watched two episodes of Frontline. The bonus is that it's all free.

Today's been a day of paper. I'm going through years of paper. Why do I have utility bills from 2006? Why don't I have a system for organizing paperwork? My dining room table is covered with current stuff so I can get my taxes done. My bed is covered with old stuff. I hope to be done with it soon. Not finished, but what I've started finished so the surfaces are clean. The table I can live with, the bed, not.

I had hopes of taking a walk today and reading on the hammock. It was supposed to be nice till about 3:00. Boo hoo...it's raining. That's uninspiring to me. Actually, I'm going to get off the computer and clean up that paper.

It turned out to be a day of constant rain. The kind of day you wish you didn't have to work so you could stay in pajamas and read a book. I never got out of my pj's. I sat on my porch with a fleece and a throw and read my book, for a while. The only thing that would have made it better was to actually like the book. It's for book club. It's not my kind of book.

The dining room table is cleared of papers. So is my bed. Mission accomplished!! I'm going over to my neighbor's to do my taxes in a little while. I never do my taxes this early, and I'm really proud that I'm ready. Emily needs to fill out the FAFSA paperwork for financial aid, and she can't do it without my taxes done. I'm wearing my pajamas to my neighbor's house. Why get dressed when it's almost time for bed?



Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Good for you for getting all that paperwork taken care of! I need to get rid of boxes of old papers. I've got some in the attic from the 70's! It's too much to try to shred, so I'll have to have a bon fire.

Noofy said...

You crack me up! It's one thing to hang around the house all day in pajamas, but to go to the neighbors (lol :) Better hurry with the tax filing, the news said if the Govt shuts down, tax refunds will be delayed (whew, we got ours already).

KathyA said...

Spending the day -- especially this kind of day -- in your jammies is a great idea.

I click on the 'next blog' every once in a while. I've met some nice people that way.

Read Rob's blog over the weekend and commented. I hope he enjoys blogging.

Jamie said...

You know, to spend time on the front porch reading while it's raining sounds like pure heaven. I cannot wait for spring. I used to think that talking, thinking or worrying about the weather was a sign of being old or boring but I have realized that weather is central to many people's happiness. Well, mine anyway.

Have a great day back to work. Hugs, friend. :)

Happyone :-) said...

I have never spent a whole day in my pj's unless I was sick. I like to be up and dressed early. :-)
I click on next blog often to find other blogs to read. I like to find ones that a lot of other people don't read.
We haven't even though about doing the taxes yet. I guess we should get started.

JTS said...

A day spent in pajamas sounds wonderful! You managed to be productive and still have some unscheduled time to relax and read. I'm curious about the book club. Is it a one-book-a-month club? Do you find yourself more often liking or not liking the selections? I've been known to frisbee a book that doesn't hold my interest after the first few chapters. Too many others out there I want to make time for!

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