25 February 2011

Little adieu about not much

...Time flies and all that. It really does. And wherever you go, there you are. I like that saying.

Things here are better. My parents are home and so far so good. Emily and her boyfriend are at their house now, boxing up stuff in anticipation of the new flooring that's going in. Emily just sent this picture of old cases of Coke that they took out of the laundry room. They commemorate different sports teams. I've probably mentioned that my father is a compulsive collector. He has collections of Ski Country decanters, Beanie Babies, P. Buckley Moss prints and Case knives. Big, big collections. Won't we have fun getting rid of them? I'm being sarcastic, of course.

I noticed a huge pile of hair by one of the trashcans at work. Although I'm not good about sweeping, I am good about putting the hair into the trashcan. There was so much hair that I played around with it and formed it into a square. Then I took this picture. When I look at the picture, I see a terrier's face. Do you? Someone came up to me and asked if I just took a picture of hair. Why yes, I did.

Rob was down for visit and it was great seeing him. Our time together has been sparse. We ate out, watched a lot of TV, and hung at Borders. It was a great reprieve from the 'family' stuff.

And that's my little post about not a lot. Hopefully I'll be infused with something much more entertaining next time you hear from me. Till then...


Leann said...

I immediately saw the terriers face. How wonderful that the mind does not live in a box.

Glad you had fun with the honey :-)

Blessed be Cheryl.

Marsha said...

Ditto about the terrier. Hope all continues in an upward trend for you and yours. Take care.

KathyA said...

Yes, it does look like a terrier!

So I guess all that Coke isn't for drinking??

Seth M. Ward said...

I'm betting the coke's still drinkable:~/

Oh the humanity!


Jamie said...

I am happy that you had some time with Rob - when it's scarce, the time you do have is special.

The collections sound wonderful, although probably will be a mess when someday you all have to find someone to love them.

Yep - I see the terrier too. I love the fact that you can sweep up hair and find something good in it.

Happy weekend. :)

Happyone :-) said...

Yes, I see a terriers face too.
Funny I have what do you see picture on my photo blog too!
That's a lot of coke bottles!!

Palm Springs Savant said...

OK, I saw it right away and loved it. I showed my partner and he thinks you are crazy, but he just isn't creative :-)

cute post Cheryl

michiganme said...

I saw the terrier's face right away (well, after you said it was there).

I'm related to a 'collector' and frankly, I think it's one small step below hoarding :)

Noofy said...

Yep, that's a terrier's face. Nice to have confirmation, right? It's been awhile since I've seen coke in bottles in crates like that. Isn't that the way there were delivered to stores before plastic?

JTS said...

I love "life is going ok right now" posts, especially when there's been a lot of issues to deal with lately. I'm so glad you and Rob found a little time to share, I know he helps preserve your sanity and restore your energy. Kudos to the kids for helping pack up those things!

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