16 April 2012

Big dog, little bird

The time I've been waiting months and months and months for has arrived. Porch time. I'm really in my glory (is that phrase even used anymore?). The weather in the shade has been delightful. Not just nice, but perfect. Warm and breezy with no humidity. Blue sky. I wish every day could be like this. I'm sitting on my porch with my Big Dog dress on. (Check out the link for some history.) Mango has been hanging out with me in his cage, on the walkway. He seems to like it like it too...lots of birds singing. Here's one of my views right now:

I've loved having my mom's birdbath. The birds don't seem to notice me, and I get a front row view of their activities. The songbirds come alone. The robins are vigorous in their bathing. The starlings and other black birds come in groups and party. I feel like a voyeur!

I always say I 'get off on the little things.' It really is the the simple pleasures that give me joy. As I sat down to start writing, a hummingbird came to one of my feeders. If you know me, you know that made my day. And you know what? I knew it would happen today.

I put down 3 bags of mulch this morning, through the interior of my garden, around newly emerged perennials. What I found is that my knees aren't what they used to be. It was very hard to squat! I was probably sore from yesterday's task of digging up 60 tulip bulbs and transplanting them in my backyard. Rob loves to landscape so I'm saving the rest of the work for when he's here this week. He's glad I didn't do it without him. I brought my zinnia seedlings outside for the first time. I only have a couple of hundred of them!

I picked up my mom yesterday and met my sister Lisa and friend Kit at the restaurant my daughter works at. Brio. We sat outside in the shade and had a wonderful meal.

There's about a half hour of daylight left. I think I'll take a walk around the block to finish up this gift of a day. Happy me.


Josie Two Shoes said...

What a lovely couple days you've had! You've created a wonderful sanctuary in your yard, and I'm not a bit surprised that Mango and Rob love sharing it with you! We can't wait for more pix when all those flowers are growing and blooming! I swear your daughter looks more grown up every picture you post of her. Where did that little girl go?! :-)

Leann said...

What a wonderful picture you paint of your day. I can't wait for the weather to become just as perfect here. I hope you have another wonderful day today! Blessed be Cheryl.

happyone said...

I'm loving these days too.
We can catch up tomorrow when you do my hair. : )

pattycakes said...

what a nice picture , you r mom looks beautiful :)

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