18 February 2007

How was your weekend?

Mine was low key. I was home alone last night. It was a long night and very quiet. Had I remembered Emily was spending the night at a friend's house, I would have made plans. I watched a movie, something I never do. Notting Hill. I liked the music more than I liked the movie. It was actually the first time I've seen a Hugh Grant movie. I had a pretty unappetizing Smart Ones frozen dinner. I read my book. Read my blogs. Tried to upload a picture into my header, but blogger would not cooperate. IM'd with a friend for a while. Watched a repeat of Saturday Night Live. All in all = boring. Fortunately that doesn't happen very often. Thank goodness. Did I say I wished there were more hours in a day? There were too many in yesterday's

I went to visit my parents today. The first thing I noticed was that their garage door opener wasn't working. They had to open it manually when they lost their power, and couldn't get the chain to hook up to the latch, or however it is that it works. I asked my Dad if he knew how to fix it. He had no clue. I couldn't get the door to work either. This will probably mean that they'll have to pay someone to do this simple job. I think that's too bad. It would take someone in the know 2 minutes to fix it. Anyway, I cut and colored my Mom's hair and then blew it dry. She looked so much better. We went out to lunch at an Italian place, 3 Brothers. It was great. I called Emily to ask if she wanted me to bring her something home for lunch. I told her the stuffed shells with meatballs was delicious. She asked, are you at 3 Brothers by Grandma and Grandpa's? I want the hot dog and fries. I told her I wanted her to have a real meal, but she said, I love those fries. So, I ordered her the kid's hot dog and fries. I brought my Mom home, then headed back to my house. When Emily saw the small hot dog and little portion of fries, she was really surprised. She said, I can't believe this is all the fries there is. They usually serve them in a bag. Then I got it. She thought I was eating at 5 Brothers, which is in the same shopping center. They're known for their awesome fries, hot dogs and hamburgers. It was pretty funny.

Emily wanted to buy a CD with one of her gift cards. She pleaded her case for me to take her to the mall. The store, FYE, is huge. The Cd's were expensive. Sale prices were $14.99. Regular prices were $18.99 - $23.99. I told her I couldn't believe the place was so crowded with the prices being so high. She told me not everyone cares about price. I guess that put me in my place, huh?

I'm reading a Western, 'No Country for Old Men' by Cormac McCarthy. It takes place in Texas and northern Mexico. The terrain is something that I'm totally unfamiliar with. I find myself looking up words like scabrock, bajada, caldera, datilla, and phrases like running borderlands, a long talus of lava scree, candelilla and scrub catclaw, etc. Thank goodness for Google images. Being that I don't watch many movies, I'm really unfamiliar with the western landscape. Well, that's not quite true. I did go cross-country, and traveled through the western states, but am not familiar with the words that describe the geographical features. It's been hard to read this book and not be able to visualize the scenery. I can now. The books's really good, btw.

Okay, I think I've rambled a bit too much. How was your weekend?


Billy said...

Honestly, my weekend was tough. I am having "communication" issues with my boyfriend. He's one of those guys who if he screws up, he doesn't talk about it. At all. Knowing this, I have chosen to ignore him until he can start talking. Immature? Absolutely. But, I don't care.

I was able to work out at the gym this weekend. It was very productive. I am thinking about joining an exercise group of some kind. Well, that's enough rambling on my end in your comment box.

Dave said...

Well, my weekend was pretty slow... So slow that I can hardly recall what went on! Have a great week! :-)

Anonymous said...

I ran errands. The best one was getting a wire dog crate, so that I can let my cat lay in the sun on the patio without worrying if she's going to fall off the edge of the balcony or eat my plants, which may or may not be poisonous to cats.

I feel better finding a proper solution this dilemma. I still stay close so she can see me and let me know when she wants to come in, if I'm not already out there with her.

I don't want her to feel like it's a punishment in any way by being trapped in a cage. She seems to understand and walks in on her own free will.


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