28 February 2007

Are your mornings about leisure and then rush? That's what mine are like. I always wake up 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours before I have to leave the house for work. Plenty of time, right? I don't like to rush. I spend time with Emily, shower, turn on the Today show and have that on while I put on my make up and get dressed. I do my hair which only takes about 2 minutes. It's the computer that's my problem. I do a lot of my bill paying online. That really eats up time. I took care of that this morning. Renewed my library books. Cancelled a hotel reservation. (If I sound like I always do productive stuff on the computer, you know I'm not telling the truth. I'm reading mail and blogging) And here I am, with 3 minutes to go. So, that said, I'm rushing off to work.


susan said...

It's amazing how ten minutes of computer work can stretch out to be sooooo long. :)

Yes, I'm guilty of playing too!

Amanda said...

Me too! I think I'd have a far better chance at being punctual, if I'd turn on the computer after I've been wherever I have to go....%)

Anonymous said...

Aye, Aye Captain! I spend most of the time dinking around and then throw myself together at the last minute. We must have a disease, I thinks it's called "Procrastination", who knows, maybe this one will actually help us live longer.


Rich said...

I can Idenetify with this. Woring in health care I'm relaxed one minute and all hell breaks loose the next. plus in my personal life I tend to wait till the last minute sometimes.

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