09 April 2008

Did anyone watch Idol Gives Back? I read blogs as I watched and got totally caught up!

I learned today why it's a good idea to call your wireless phone carrier every once in a while. Why? To check out new packages. I called to cancel my e-mail service. The phone tech informed me that if I canceled, I'd lose the option to add it back. That it had been a special promotion that was no longer available. Hmmm. Maybe I should just keep paying the $5 per month till I get a new phone. I asked if they had any similar packages. Yes, she said, they have one with X amount of megabytes available for $5 per month. I asked what I currently had. I had X amount of megabits. I don't know my bits from my bytes, but apparently bytes are much, much larger units than bits. I double checked the offer with her. Me--"Are you saying I could be paying the same amount and getting a much bigger data package?" Her--"Yes." Well, duh, go ahead and cancel my package please.

Totally unrelated, but I read this safety tip in my community paper and wanted to share. It recommended sleeping with your car keys by your bed. If you ever heard someone breaking in, you could push the panic button on your keyless remote to set off the car's alarm. I thought it was a great idea. Have I brought my keys up? No, but I still think it's a good idea. I do have a house alarm, and never ever forget to set it.

A few people have asked for the spaghetti casserole recipe. I promise I'll post it soon. We had the leftovers tonight, and I think it was even better the second time around. Maybe that's true of casseroles in general? Any casserole people know the answer to that (Bonnie?).

I'm off tomorrow, but have a doctor's appointment in the middle of the day. I'm not sure what I'll do around it. We'll see.

Has this post been a ramble? I'll see if I can do better tomorrow. Till then...


Gin said...

Cool idea about the keys. Your spaghetti made me hungry for spag...so we had just regular old spag for supper tonight! I will definitely save your recipe when you post it!

Brad said...

Casseroles - always better the second day. A staple here of keep Jay fed and happy. He was raised on them coming from a family of 4 kids.

Great idea about the keys. I'd just have to retrain myself that they're not in the wooden bold on the sideboard. I can see myself saying Duh' they're on your night stand!

Take care Sweets !

Jay said...

I keep a shotgun next to my bed to use as a deterrent. LOL ;-)

fiwa said...

Yes - casseroles are always better on day two. Oh good - I'm glad you're going to post the recipe.

Re the car alarm - would it activate from that far away? I'm not sure mine would.

Hope you find something fun to fill the rest of your day tomorrow, to offset the dr.


Mary said...

It's my opinion that cell phone packages define confusion. The only thing to compete with them is packages offered by cable companies.

I've heard the bit about using your car keys to set off the panic button. It does work with mine - I tried it. I think your bedroom has to be fairly close to where your car's parked. I, too, have a security system and always use it.

Good luck with doctor. Find something fun to do to reward yourself.

Moohaa said...

Well, I'm so poor my car doesn't even have a keypad. hehehe. I have a baseball bat next to my bed. Good enough for me.

Casserole tastes sooo much better the next day.

Hope your appointment goes well. Enjoy your day!

beachgirl said...

Don't you just love cell phone companies. I check on line every so often and still have my original t-mobile plan. Even the reps say don't touch it.

Yesterday was my kind of day. The gym and my trainer, my daughter joined me. A nice ride on my motorcycle and last but not least, a gorgeous afternoon on the beach with a friend, I swear if I get any darker I'm am changing my ethnic category on all forms.

Part of the problem is the weather has just been so gorgeous, I don't want to stay home and get things done.

Today I will be at the gym, and I see a nice ride up the coast in my day for sure. Tonight is dinner with a friend and hopefully be home before Idol results is on. Last night was good, but everyone kept calling me. My favorite is Jason. I just love his voice. I know he won't win it, but he will definitely go far in the business.

Have an awesome day.

Happyone said...

We do bring the car car keys up stairs with us every night.
I think casseroles always taste better the next day. Soups, stew, and chili I always make the day ahead.

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