22 April 2008

I'm home and tired. The class was great, but too short. It left me wanting more. More education. I really loved the techniques we learned. I'm all about precision, and that's what the class was about. They hold all kinds of classes and I'd like to go again sometime.

I'll just post some pictures today. Here's our hotel room. It was really nice even if it wasn't one of the newly renovated ones. We did sneak a look in the construction zone.

The view from our room. This is looking out on the town of

The Graham Webb Academy. It's the only one in the U.S.

This is our instructor, Sarah

Me and my buddy

Another view of the city

Check out that car!

I loved being in the city. People watching. Lots of movement. Great restaurants. I like my suburban life, but I'll take the city from time to time.


Brad said...

It's a great thing to get inspired and spring is the best time to do it. Why not plan a next class like in sixth/nine months and work toward that? I know I have a tendency to procrastinate and I do better if I commit early. Glad you had a good time friend.

Jay said...

They both have their advantages and both have their trade-offs, but city life pretty much rocks. I miss it.

marykay said...

I love visiting Austin but, there is no way I could live there. A little visit and I am cured. People watching is my fav, do you ever wonder if they are watching you back?

Happyone said...

Isn't that one of those smart cars?
Glad you enjoyed your classes and you had a good time with Kit as well.
I am not much of a city girl - they seem overwhelming to me. I get lost way to easy! :-)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Its exciting to get away but always nice to get back home. Boy I have to give hairstylists credit....its got to be HARD to try and please some people. My daughter just got her hair cut for the first time in about 5 years. ITS GORGEOUS! This woman did an absolutely FANTASTIC job on it...never has it looked so nice. She just found a new permanent hairdresser!! Her hair is now short and manageable and looks very very good on her. She has to put some stuff called "Rewind" on it...I think I have that right. It sure does make the style.

fiwa said...

It's fun to hang out in the city sometimes, isn't it? I wouldn't mind living downtown, if I could afford it.

Your class sounds like it went really well. When you go to something like that, does your salon cover any of the cost?

Glad you're back home.

kristi said...

Very cool!

Portia said...

I have just caught up and am happy to read that you had such a great weekend...though I'm sorry I'm always catching up.. Sounds like it was nice to get away as well as nice to come home again. I imagine you are ready to do some serious red carpet styling now:)
It is awesome that you have happy clients sending you referrals!
Can't wait to hear about NY...

SOUL said...

ugh boy-- i've missed alot over here-- sorry--
as usual-- sounds like you're keeping busy....
sounds like a good time too...
happy humpday!

Moohaa said...

I'm so glad you had a great time. Your customers are so blessed to have you. Not everyone is dedicated to growth like you are. Good on you! Welcome home!

Andrew said...

Welcome home one of my favorite bloggers! Those little dummy heads you all practice with fascinate me. It makes me not so shy about cutting hair if it isn't a real person.

Cheryl, your blog means so much to me. I is a little bit of joy everyday to glimpse into your life with what you share. Thank you and thank you for your blog.

Jonathon Andrew

Lena said...

I wish I lived closer to you so you could try your new cuts on me! It is so refreshing to know someone who loves their job so much!!!!

Welcome back home!


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I can smell the hotel scent as I view at your pictures..
and that guy running across the street in the orange car, reminds me of an old actor..the guy that played the dad on the Old Parent trap..
something about that.

Happy Return home!
I'm glad to see you're safe and that all is well! You look really pretty and skinny! seriously!
Great pictures!!
P.S and you hold the pose that I wish I could master, a perfect position of the wrist, angle of blow dryer, perfectly selected brush, for the round brush hair in the back of the head. I envy you!! :)

Sarah said...

Cheryl, I love reading your blog. I love even more getting to see your daughter more these days. She is a jewel.

That car is a SmartCar - they were everywhere when we were stationed in Italy. We called them "SmartCoffins" because they look like if you get in an accident there isn't much car to protect you.

bonnie said...

I love the city too. When I considered moving into the city I checked out my brother's $1,000,000 townhouse at the harbor in Baltimore and no matter what window I looked out of what I saw was construction debris. I wanted TREES. (One view was fantastic of the boats in the harbor, but I'd still want some green). We should definitely do a day trip into DC or Baltimore.

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