06 September 2008

I hate being in one of my favorite places and having my 'peace' interrupted by loud talking. I was at Starbucks after work with my book, sitting on a leather lounge chair, enjoying my me time, when two women sat at the next table and proceed to have a loud conversation. I need white noise when I read. I just dropped Emily off at a friend's, and told her I'd hang out at Panera's for two hours while she visited. I'm sitting here with my sandwich, and there's a Girl Scout meeting going on about 20 feet from me. One woman and 3 girls. I can hear every word the Leader is saying. And I'm annoyed. Mind you, I was a Girl Scout leader for 9 years, so I shouldn't be annoyed. It's just the loud voice. I feel the same way about people with loud voices on their cells. End of complaining. I'm changing chairs.

Ah, much better. I should have done that sooner.

So, crazy weather day. Lots of rain and wind. The rain was over by 4:00. I skipped Borders because I was afraid it was going to get really bad. It was kind of nice hanging out at Starbucks with my book. Till the loud people came. I walked when I got home. It was kind of wonderful because it was real windy. Emily wanted to go to a friend's house that's near this Panera's, so I thought I'd just hang out so I don't need to come out again to get her.

Well, I thought I'd end this by saying I was going to read for an hour then pick Emily up. Not the case. She's going to stay later and I'll come back to pick her up. Wah!


Gin said...

I'm the same way. I love being around people and enjoy 'people-watching' but I hate it when someone is so rude as to blast their voice all over the place and disturb those around them. It's sort of like someone getting in your face!!

Hope you had a good bit of 'me' time!!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Some people need to go back to nursery school to learn the difference between inside voices and outside voices.

I hope the weather isn't too bad when you have to go back for Emily.

Lena said...

Our weather started around 4:00 P.M. We have had heavy rains and a tornado warning. Storm should pass by mid-night.

Martha said...

I read this and thought of a t-shirt my husband has...it says, "Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver."

jAMiE said...

I'm glad you ended up finding a quieter place...and that you enjoyed your walk.

Enjoy your Sunday Cheryl!

Jamie said...

I am completely annoyed by loud people, too. It just isn't necessary for the whole world to hear your business. I often wonder if folks are going deaf...how can they not know they are that loud?

Happy Sunday Cheryl. Hugs.

Summer said...

I'm a very quiet person and when people around me are loud I feel like I've been assaulted. How's that for an analogy? Ha! I hope you have a good day today.

beachgirl said...

I get really pissed when people on the beach are out of control loud. It's amazing how many people get pissed off. Most of us go to the beach to unwind.
Yesterday a total wack job showed up and everyone just shook their heads and cringed.
I met a big body builder who turned into my protector yesterday. I'm hanging out with him today also.. He has don't mess with me written all over him. He says he is impressed by how I handle myself on the beach. But he wants to beat some heads some days.
I am off to the beach again for some more studying for my final tomorrow.

ThursdayNext said...

What book are you reading right now? :)

Mo said...

Uh oh. I would probably be one of the women having a loud conversation next to you. But I'd invite you to join in.

Billy said...

The Paneras here are always loud. So are the Starbucks. Borders seems to be the only place that is halfway decent, kind of like a library, you know?

Jay said...

Things like that happen to me so often. It's usually somebody in the middle of a super important call on his cell phone though. I just want to rip the phone out of their hands and throw it away when they do that.

SOUL said...

don't ya love it when Em dictates your evening???
happens here all the time.

ahhh the joys of parenthood.

i'm with ya on the noisy talkin thing too. there are certain places meant for that environment--and coffee shops aren't one of them.. erg !

i hope you find some peace tonight.
wherever you are.


captain corky said...

Those Girl Scouts are always causing trouble. If they're not making too much noise then they're screwing everyone and their brother out of 5 bucks for a box of those damn cookies.

Brad said...

I want a remote control with a mute button that I can use on people. I think the 'Off' and 'Fast Fwd' functions would come in handy as well.

Sending you a big SMILE sweets!

Brad said...

I want a remote control with a mute button that I can use on people. I think the 'Off' and 'Fast Fwd' functions would come in handy as well.

Sending you a big SMILE sweets!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I agree, when I have a good book in hand I am unable to read if there is noise around me--I'll find myself re-reading the lines and then frustrating myself because of noise.


Hope that your evening turned out nicely!!!! :)

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