08 September 2008

I'm at Caribou Coffee drinking a fruit smoothie. I was in a bad mood and thought this might lighten my load. It did. As I was driving to my parent's house this morning, I realized that instead of concentrating on my audio book, I was talking to myself. In my head. I was bothered by an exchange with my daughter, and was having an 'exchange' with my parents instead. I turned off the book to just think. When I got to the house I talked to my parents about my mom's aide, and about the subject of 'giving' to us kids. Two things that I thought needed to be addressed. I felt much better after giving my advice. I didn't ask them to take it, just to think about it. Sometimes I find that when I'm bothered about one thing, I take it out on another. At least I know that about myself. My dad and I went out in search of new cordless phones. I had already looked at Wal-mart, and we went to BJ's, then Best Buy. We bought matching units, V-Tech DECT 6.0 Cordless Phones. They included a base station with cordless phone and answering machine and two additional cordless handsets. I don't know if they're working right. It seems that even without a good charge they should at least have a dial tone. I plugged corded phones in, and they worked, so the line's not bad. Maybe after the 16 hours of charging they'll work? It was very frustrating setting it all up. I'll plug mine in when I get home. We have two phones at home and only one works. Not that the phone rings much. I finally finished with all that then packed my mother for her flight to Augusta tomorrow. My father and sister will bring my mom to the curb at BWI airport. I'll be parked in the garage and waiting at the curb. They'll go on to Atlantic City, and I'll get my mother's luggage checked in, and get her situated with a wheelchair escort who will take her from there. Then it's off to work. She'll spend two weeks with my sister, being pampered every day.

Did you all hear that Happyone is back, and with a new blog? That made me happy!

So, I finished my very long book last night. It was quite a journey. I enjoyed the ride, but wished it had taken a different direction home. I see that a county library is having a book club meeting on the book in October and I plan to attend. I'm interested in hearing other people talk about it, and to have some questions answered. The book? The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.

Emily is at a field hockey dinner, so there's no rush for me to get home, except to do laundry and pick up. I might just get something from Chipotle for dinner on the way out of here. Emily has an appointment with a sports medicine doctor on Thursday, BTW. She seems fine when she's not running. I, on the other hand, have a pain in my hamstring. And I miss the pool :(. Maybe that's why I'm feeling a little down too. If the pool was open I'd be rushing home to jump in. Instead, I'll just...I dunno.

I had the nicest time on my porch yesterday. I really had time to study the hummingbirds. I love that they have a favorite branch to hang on. It's a vertical branch with no leaves, and the one bird just hangs on it like an acrobat. And he's very noisy. I love that they go from feeder to feeder. Three feeders in a small area works just fine. It's really a blessing to get so much pleasure out of such a simple thing. Just thinking about it made me happy again. It reminds me of something from the book about being happy with ordinary. That's me.


Gin said...

Isn't it great when a fruit smoothie can take your worries away!!

Have you ever read "Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a House by the Sea" By Catherine Goldhammer? It's about a woman who separates from her husband and her and her daughter move into a little cottage by the sea. In order to bribe her 12 year old daughter into moving from their high end house into a little cottage, she offers to get her some chickens.

I'm just starting it and am looking for others who have read it.

Brad said...

Sounds like your mood picked p from earlier - I'm glad -

I smiled big when I saw Happyone pop up in google reader!

I have noticed we have a LOT more hummingbirds out here this year. I keep looking for some news story about the resurgence (sp?) of the little guys and have found nothing so far. We've had TONS more at the fountain this year.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Sometimes it does really help to focus on little things. I'm glad you sorted out some feelings with your parents, and you had your smoothie and hummingbirds to be positive moments in your day.

bonnie said...

Those hummingbirds sound so cool. I have two praying mantises at my house today. If they mate I hear there will only be one complete one and one headless one left. I'm still waiting to pick up my copy of the last book you recommended. They all turn into book club books and go on hold forever.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

safe travels to your mom,...the conversations you were having within yourself were a good thing--only I'm sure you wish that it would be in different times..maybe it's what supposed to happen so you would place yourself in Emily's shoes with you talking with your parents--how would they have handled the situation if it was you doing it and how would that have made you feel, and knowing now what it's like to be a mom, would those feelings at youth still be the same, or different?

does that make any sense?

Happy one's back? Good--I was just starting to read her and it seems there are a lot going on so I'm glad that there's someone coming back--I miss everyone but we all have lifes forever moments and that's the truth. Pioneer's lodge someday--you and I will share some coffee--and you'll be the big sister I always wanted but never got therefore having my mom's baby sister, become my confidant--she is 43 and I 33---my bigger sister.

I hope your hamstring soothes in time..have you tried Bengay? Does that sound silly?

talk to you later.

Leann said...

Hi there, I wandered over from Brad's blog.

Sometimes it's the simple things that can change our mood for the better.

I try to look at the sky every day. Notice the cloud formations or the blue, or sometimes just how wonderful life can get.

jAMiE said...

I have the same phones you and your dad got...i also bought them as a present, with the answering machine, for Tim. We just love them and the display is such a pretty blue. I think they do need to charge for like 24 hours before you first use them...but don't quote me on it.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

C.A. said...

Cheryl, with all my heart I wish I was closer so we could sit and talk about those teenage girl things. Sometimes a hug can do wonders so consider yourself hugged!

I am enjoying watching the hummingbirds, too! I got a feeder for my birthday back in May and just got it put up Sunday. I don't know why but those tiny birds make me feel peaceful.

I hope you have a happy day!

Jamie said...

I detect such a "tone" in your post, and it's one I can easily identify with. Your life is a good one, but you have plenty to get you down and I am continually amazed at either how well you handle all of it without the usual whining and complaining or...you just don't talk about it at all. Either way, I am impressed. You are such a good mom, daughter, friend, mother...and I know that there are days when you want to kick the dog...if you had one, that is. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I think you're pretty great.

I have a caribou coffee about a half a block from here, and I love it!!


beachgirl said...

Reading about your daily life sounds like mine did when my kids were in high school. I promise you will get past this and Emily will grow up and become a real person again. Teenage years are fun and hair raising for sure.
My kids were talking about their antics in high school Sunday night at the dinner table. Thank God I had no idea how much mischief they were getting into at the time. My oldest was the worst.
Have an awesome day.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

happy tuesday for you and monday for work week for you :)


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