19 June 2009

Big Dogs

Just about ready to leave. Too bad I broke my garage door this morning. A bird flew in and I tried closing and opening the door to scare it out. Didn't realize the back of my CR-V was open and the door was landing on it. Now the chain won't move. No worries. I'll manually lock it and take care of it after we get back.

We'll head out and pick up my mom. Then off we go for an overnight in Smithfield, NC. It's a huge outlet center. Nothing worse than staying the night in a motel in the middle of nowhere. Right, Seth?

This will be my first trip without my Big Dog dress. It was time to put it to rest. It's still in my closet. I'll keep it for old times sake.

I'll be around. My and my laptops are traveling companions.

Happy Friday!


Jules said...

Cheryl, Have a lovely, wonderful, spectacular, restful vacation. Put your mind on hold, sink your toes in the sand and drink one to many pina colada's for me. CHEERS!

Seth Martin Ward said...

I'd go for a hotel in the middle of no where right about now! lol Enjoy your vacation. I am sure you have earned it!

fiwa said...

Hey, as long as the mattress is good and the bathroom is clean, I'm ok with it.

Hope you guys have fun! I'm looking forward to the updates.

Love you-

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