04 June 2009

Dribs and drabs but not dribbles

Today started with a doctor's appointment. The yearly gyn check-up. I don't mind them. It's always a relief, though, when you pass the breast exam, then later get the letter saying the pap smear was fine. I already had my mammogram and it was fine. Ah the joys of womanhood. I see the orthopedist next Thursday for my knee. Hopefully the appointments are almost over.

After the doctor I visited Karen/Happyone. We went to Leelynn's and split a club sandwich and crispy eggplant. We always have a great time together.

I went to my salon and had my brows done. They're all shapely now :)

I planned to drive Emily to work but they have to call in on inclement weather days to see if they're needed. Not needed today.

I have a 4:30 pedicure appointment. I'll pick up pizza afterward for dinner. Emily's choice. Then I'll bring her to her babysitting job.

That's my day. A pretty good one. Sunshine would have made it much better.

We leave for vacation in North Myrtle Beach in 15 days! I've always vacationed in August, so it doesn't seem possible that it's happening so soon. Emily will bring a friend. My mom will come. My GA sister will meet us there. We're staying at the same place for the 3rd year, but in a new unit. They're all oceanfront. I can't wait! I hope the weather is as nice/hot as it is in August and that the ocean temperature is almost as warm. It's hard to imagine on a cool and wet day like today.

Emily 'shadowed' with another student at the private school yesterday. She said everyone knew about her. I guess that's what it's like at a small school. She's been 'friended' by some of the kids on Facebook, and invited to an end-of-year party. We're still waiting to hear if she's in, but it seems like she has to be. I wrote a short note to the director of admissions yesterday thanking her for letting Emily shadow, and she said she was excited to have her there. Getting in is step one. The crucial one is financial aid. It's hard waiting for the news!

Time for the pedi. Hope your day was a good one.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Wow, your vacation sounds great. I miss the ocean so much.

Best of luck to Emily.

Kathy said...

Ocean front is wonderful! Think of sitting on that balcony and watching the water!!!

Rich said...

Good luck with the financial aid.

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