30 June 2009

Did I mix up my meds?

One of the things I love about vacation is that I get to drink coffee every day. Woo hoo, you might say, but to a coffee-lover, it's a big deal. I could probably get away with drinking on the job, but my mind tells me I'd get a case of the shakes which would lead to anxiety, which could lead me to anxiety attacks, which I've suffered from in the past. So...no caffeine for me on work days. There's an exception. If it's a Wednesday afternoon and I see that the rest of my clients are ones that I know well, I'll have a cuppa. And it makes me feel so good. I say Wednesday because I'm normally off on Thursday. I wouldn't have a cup of coffee on a Tuesday. Rules, rules, rules. I know what works for me. Normally I'd stop drinking coffee about 2 days before going back to work. I forgot this time and I've been drowsy all day. I actually fell asleep on my hammock and I never ever, for any reason, nap. Not because I have something against naps; they're just not in my repertoire. I'm tempted to get on the hammock again and sleep. I'm really that tired.

So it's been a very lazy day. I spent a long time on FB saying hi and catching up. Spent a long time on Reader commenting or just catching up. Read my book. Napped. Ate lunch, showered and tried to read again. But I'm too sleepy.

On that note, I think it's time to lay myself down. It's a gorgeous day to be on a hammock.


beachgirl said...

Your vacation sounded heavenly. I am glad you all had fun.
We are still waiting for the sun to show up somewhere that I happen to be.
What fun plans do you have for the 4th of July weekend?

Kathy said...


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Darn! Now I feel like snoozing on a hammock which is not good as I am about to start my work day. Well, have a great day. I think I need some tea now.

abbagirl74 said...

mmm... it sounds nice. I am not one for napping outside. I am always afraid of bugs getting on me. Yugh!

Seth M. Ward said...

I took a nap today...even though it was only about a half hour one, it still felt good. I'm just like you in a way, I never knew my father, he use to always chea....oh shit. Eminem will warp your mind.....:D But yeah, I hardly ever take naps. I enjoy them when I do. It's almost 1 a.m. I think I am headed to bed here shortly myself. Be good!

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