24 August 2009


I'm sitting in the shade on my porch with the fan blowing on me (to hopefully keep the mosquitoes away without having to use OFF). I'll write a short post, then start catching up on all my friend's blog posts (you). It's a beautiful night. There's a hummingbird at my feeder as I write this. And two more in the trees. Butterflies are hanging from my butterfly bushes. Ahh, the simple things in life.

I've finished my book and it was a good friend while it lasted.

I mentioned that I took Saturday off to do something with Emily. The weather turned out to be pretty bad, and so were our moods. We both read a lot. I spent a few hours reading on the porch Sunday morning too, which was great. Emily and I went to my cousin's for crabs for dinner. It was my first time as a passenger with Emily driving the beltway. I was pretty nervous, but she did well. It's hard to be in the passenger seat when your child is driving in heavy traffic, with lots of curves in the road, brake lights on and off, and a speed limit of 65. The crabs and the company made up for the drive! I drove home. Here's a picture of the crabs. They're still alive...that's why they're blue (Maryland blue crabs).

Today was Emily's first scrimmage. I used the porta-john when I first got there and slipped on the soaking wet field when I got out. Luckily I landed mostly on my knees. The game was exciting, and I am so happy to be part of the Creek cheering squad. They lost the game, but they're a very new team with a lot of girls who have never played field hockey. They had no subs so the girls were on the field the whole time. I got to talk to a few moms, which was nice. Here's a group shot I took. I think at least 3 girls were missing today.

I went to the pool for a while in the afternoon. It felt great to swim. Labor Day is soon approaching and then it will be closed and I'll miss it. As long as the pool is open, it still feels like summer. As long as school hasn't started, it feels like summer too. Public school started today. Emily starts on the 1st.

Tomorrow night is a coffee and dessert reception to welcome the new head of the school. It will be the first time I meet and mingle with the parents of the students. I'll be going alone. Emily's father doesn't think he's going. I'll be outgoing for the night. It's not hard for me to.

Long enough? Till the next time...

PS...I had to use bug spray. Bummer.


KathyA said...

Now you have to shower!!! Have you noticed how loud the cicadas are????
I'm excited for both you and Em. I miss being a field hockey/lacrosse/horse mom!

Moohaa said...

You're such a good mom. Does Em know how lucky she is? The thought of my oldest driving gives me hives. Maybe we can just skip that whole part of growing up. Maybe? :)

Glad you had some quiet time.. stinks bout the skitos though. Nasty lil things. Take it easy!

Seth M. Ward said...

Can I come visit and get 2 bushels of crabs? I swear I could eat 2 bushels full! I remember crabbin on the Chesapeake many years ago and it was one of my better memories from the times I would visit my mom's side of the family there in Northern VA.

Glad M is driving well. You might see if you can find the Smith System online or at the library and have her go through it. It would serve her well.

Glad that trucker could help you out. They are for the most part a righteous bunch out there doing a job most would never desire but always depend on.

Be good to yourself.

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