25 August 2009

Witty titles wanted

I was up at 4:30 this morning with worries. Would Emily's uniform skirts be altered on time? Could I change the orthodontist appointment? And what to wear for the introduction to the new head of the upper school taking place at night. Etc. At least I slept well until I got up. Better to save the worries for the morning. I think? Everything worked out just fine.

I got to work to find that I was there an hour early. And that I had two big appointments cancel. And that I had a large break till my last client of the day. I rescheduled her and left after doing my first and only client. That rarely ever happens. Usually I'm SO busy that I don't have time to go to the bathroom. This week looks to be a slow one. I went to my parent's house. I've been neglectful of my mother since field hockey practice started. Unfortunately she wasn't feeling well, and it was scary. She was nauseous, and very cold. She laid in bed for a while, then it passed. We watched Dr. Phil together. I tried to work on my dad's computer. It was nice to just hang around.

So tonight was the reception at the school. There were about 150 people in attendence. I went alone, thinking it would be just fine. I can be pretty social. I felt so out of place! Everyone seemed to know someone. It was a wonderful affair. Someone was playing the piano. There were exquisite pastries and fancy fruit platters here and there. Drinks. Tall tables with roses in square vases. I stood alone for a while, then made my way to the beverage table and picked up a fruit tart. I really wanted one of everything! Then I stood at a table by myself. It was so awkward. Finally a man, who was also alone, came over to talk. His wife was at home. I was so glad not to be alone. The new head, Mr. Connelly, spoke for a while. Then I spoke to the dean of admissions who was the person who gave us a tour of the school in the spring. She introduced me to some staff. As soon as I could, I made my exit. I'm not sorry I went, and I hope to be involved in the school and get to know other parents. Soon, I hope. I will say that every person I spoke to talked about how wonderful the school is. It all begins on Sept. 1.

I'm not busy at work tomorrow, but I'll bring a book or my laptop cause I can't stand to be bored. I'll be meeting friends at Sherwood Forest for dinner afterward. One of my favorite places. The golf car is charged and I plan to be the driver. Thursday, my day off, I'll be running all day...orthodontist, new student orientation, field hockey practice. And coffee. Yeah for days off and coffee.

I see I'm rambling. I'll stop. G'night.



Moohaa said...

The dinner sounds lovely, if a bit lonely. What did you wear? It's great that you can be involved in the school.

Looking forward to hearing of Emily's school adventures this year. Take care my friend.

I hope you wake up to a worry free morning.

Jamie said...

It's my turn to be up too early with too much happening upstairs...

The school dinner sounds great, although I hate feeling out of place and not knowing anyone. I know you well enough to know it won't be that way for long, and once you aren't a "newbie" then you can help the new parents at next years dinner.

Happy Humpday. I hope you get ultra-busy at work today. Hugs. :)

KathyA said...

Rambling is good. It's uncomfortable being alone and not knowing anyone. Next time will be easier. Where is Sherwood Forest??

happyone said...

Sorry you felt a bit lost. I'm sure next time will be better.
Glad your mom is feeling better.
Enjoy your day off.

Lena said...

Sounds like they know how to put on a dinner! As soon as Emily gets more involved with the school you will know everyone! Won't be long.

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