18 August 2009

A little update

My weekend's over and it's time to relax. Well, not relax exactly.My job is measured in minutes and I strive to stay on time, so every minute counts. That's the great thing about vacation; time doesn't matter much. What I mean to say is that at work I only have to work. There's no running around doing a million different things.

I went to my Cousin Jill's on Saturday for dinner. She loves to cook and I love to spend time with her and her family. We're second cousins and we've been friends since we were little kids. She and her daughter came over on Sunday and went through a huge (really huge) pile of clothes Emily is done with. Most everything was American Eagle with some Hollister and Abercrombie thrown in. It was a bonanza for Leah and I was so happy to be rid of the pile. I'm so glad Emily will be wearing a uniform this year. Emily spent Sunday with her new foreign-exchange friends and host family and former exchange student and his parents. The 10 of them went in a limo to DC. They went to the Holocaust Museum, lunch, The Spy Museum, dinner, then home. How much fun was that? In a limo!

Yesterday was Emily's first day of practice. I did the drop-off and pick-up for the morning practice and the drop-off in the afternoon. It takes 20 minutes to get to the school. I did stuff around the house in-between. I spent a long time outside watering the garden after dinner, listening to music on my iPhone. It was so nice. I decided that I'd like to be John Mayer's girlfriend, if only for one day.

I drove Emily to practice this morning. I need to finish getting ready for work now.

That's what I've been up to. That and grinding my teeth, for some reason.


KathyA said...

Oh the days of designing your schedule around car pool!! Remember them well.
Who is John Mayer?

Moohaa said...

First off, you are way too good for John Mayer. I'm kinda falling for Jason Mraz myself.

Sounds like a blast being able to see DC in a limo! History, being fancy, and the added bonus of not having to look for parking!

Enjoy your day!

Jamie said...

Teeth grinding...I assume you mean in your sleep? That's an OWIE thing to do. Maybe see your dentist-or dr?

I remember hauling kids here and there..and then back again. To be honest, I would LOVE to have it back, but I wouldn't bitch about it this time.

Hugs. :)

Brad said...

Hi friend! - I'm a man of few words today - would have never figured out feild hockey!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Watering and listening to music sounds so peaceful.

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