01 September 2009

Another mostly Emily day

This morning I took my usual first day of school pictures. I've been taking them in this same spot since Emily was in 3-year old pre-school. One day I'll post them all. I can't believe that she's a Junior this year. This morning as she was getting ready for school she remarked how much easier it is to get ready for school when you don't have to decide what to wear. White shirts on Wednesday and green or blue on the others. Khaki skirts every day. Doesn't she look cute? You can't even tell she's sick. I went out at 7AM to pick up Sudafed. I picked up Tylenol PM after the game for tonight.

This is Kendall, the friend that brought us to the school. We're carpooling with his family. He was a sport and let me take his picture when we picked him up.

I had a short work day today because I went to the field hockey game. It was so hot in the direct sun. Our team lost :(. They looked good, though. They all got new uniforms today. SO much better than the uniforms at her old school. I took pictures. I should download them. Here's one:

Well, I'm tempted to start reading blogs. I really want to and I miss when I'm behind, but I'm tired and really want to get to my book. Tomorrow I'll be working 9 hours so you won't see me then. Be back on Thursday.

Happy....night, day, life?


Golden To Silver Val said...

Emily is just so cute!!! How fast they grow...as you well know. Are the girls allowed to wear slacks if they wish? (warmth for winter). I'm so glad for both of you that she is in this school...I think she's going to have a wonderful year.

Jamie said...

You must be so proud of Em...it's a difficult time to switch schools, and to think she chose to! That proves she is a confident, and very well adjusted girl, and you know what? I am not surprised, I mean - look at her mom.

Happy Humpday friend. :)

abbagirl74 said...

Hooray for the first day of school! I did the same thing you did and took the kid's picture. I plan on doing it every year in high school. Wish I would have started earlier, but it's better late than never.

forsythia said...

Emily is a total doll.

Kathy said...

She looks happy!
I'm sorry that the two of you aren't feeling well today. At least you'll be able to rest tomorrow.

SOUL: said...

your first days of school pix would make a nice video put to music. i think.
mine quit cooperating with those pix...and school pix, altogether, several years ago. hmph. i'm jealous.

sorry y'all are sick, but em sounds like she's off to a good start---

hope you get to do somethin fun on your day off.


Brad said...

They couldn't be any cuter -

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