11 September 2009

A day to remember

September 11. A day of remembrance for all the innocent people who died at the hands of fanatical and crazed terrorists. I pray that a day like that will never be repeated.


Seth M. Ward said...

There's not a day that goes by that I don't remember.

Hope you are well.

SOUL: said...

even my bad memory won't forget that. i still get mad about it.


Lynx217 said...

I still can't watch the footage, can't stand to look at the towers... it all makes me remember being so close yet so far away, unable to do a dang thing. I just want to forget 2001 completely, but we all know that's impossible. But we can't forget either, because that's when we'll drop our guard and it'll happen again. But I think the horror of that day brought a lot of people together that would've never been friends otherwise.

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