20 January 2011

The word that's missing is intentional

Two today to make up for none yesterday. Fair's fair.

I made or received 57 calls on my cell today. Does that tell you what kind of day it was? I got home at 5:00 this morning and went right to sleep. I slept for 4 hours and woke up feeling rested. And worried. And mentally listing all the people I had to call and arrangements I needed to make. I got a notebook and got started. The news is good. I know that some members of my family call me The General behind my back. That's OK. I'm the squeaky wheel. Is that the right saying? I'm good on the phone. I'm polite and ask, then call, people by their name. I think that's important. I explain. I'm patient. I'm not at all saying I'm all that, I'm just saying I can be a good advocate, and people are willing to help people that are nice and earnest, yet firm. I'm so tired, so I'll keep it quick. I spoke to both parents' case workers. I 'pleaded' to have both admitted to the rehab center that my mother was in after her gallbladder surgery. I told her no haircuts this time (remember that?). Crofton Convalescent Center is so wonderful and so, so close to where they and most of my family live, but not in their insurance network. It looks like it's going to happen tomorrow. I visited my father and got to see him do occupational therapy. I met and talked to the case worker I spoke to on the phone. I met and talked to his doctor and got 'mrsa', an infection, taken off his chart, which was needed for admittance to rehab, and which he doesn't have. I picked up one of the most awesome steak and cheese subs I've ever had from Momma Lucia's in Annapolis and went to see my mom. It was hard walking through the same hallways in ER that we were in for those agonizingly long hours. You have to pass them to get to the elevators. My mom looks just terrible, but better in some ways than yesterday. Her tech was simply amazing and I got her phone # in case we need and she wants to do some work on the side. I spoke to the RN. The CT scan says she has a right inferior orbital blowout. The notes say conservative measures but no surgery. The ophthalmologist told my mom there was no fracture. It doesn't add up. The RN is looking into it; the doctor didn't enter his notes yet. If all is right, she'll be out tomorrow.

My mother's aide at home is just awesome. Really an angel that was sent to us. She visited my mom today and brought her cell and some clothes for when she gets out. After Amanda left, the nurse brought in the gift bag she brought for my mom. She wanted it to be a surprise. There was a get well teddy bear, a box of chocolates, some truffles, and something else. How thoughtful? And to leave before my mom got it? Wow. I texted her "Can I adopt you? :))" I meant it. My mom told me that Amanda loves me. I feel the same about her.

That's all folks. I'm looking forward to a busy day of work tomorrow with haircuts, color and highlights the only thing on my mind. Yeah, right.

Really, I'm tired but fine. Not sure what will happen with my parent's after rehab, but the social worker gave me resources and that's what we've been missing.

Did you notice I've not used the ((wah)) word lately? I've banned it from my vocabulary.


JTS said...

A very proactive day on your part! And you are so right, we can accomplish so much more if we treat people the right way! I will be praying you find just the right answers for the next phase of your parent's lives.

Lena said...

It becomes a full time job to be a patient advocate and you are advocating for 2 patients!

Your family is so lucky to have you to take charge and get things accomplished. I agree, people will respond to niceness and someone who stands firm.

Feel free to WAH as much as you want to. We are here for you!

azjuleseleven said...

WAH away!!! If not now, when?

As always, Love in your direction....

Jamie said...

If I ever knew anyone that deserved a WAH, it would be you. But General or not, there has to be a level headed, informed person handling the details. Thank God your family has YOU.

In fact, I think everyone that knows you should be thankful. I know I am.

Here's to a great Friday. Hugs.

Happyone :-) said...

Your family is so lucky to have you!
How thoughtful of Amanda!!

Leann said...

I'm glad your Mom seems to be doing better. The thing with resources is sometimes finding the right questions to ask. Your insight to your parents will always be better than social services. It is good to hear you are the General in that regard. When they can't advocate for themselves it's a blessing they have you!

Have a wonderful weekend and take some time for you Cheryl *hugs*

KathyA said...

Well, I'm out of breath!
They really call you "The General"? :)

Cheryl said...

They do! Someone has to have the job, right?

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