17 March 2011

Coffee is my drug

I really don't understand how people drink coffee everyday, with little effect. Really. I'm drinking a cup of strong Colombian coffee right now and I feel like I'm on drugs. There's no way I could work feeling like I do. Way too speedy! I love the feeling...on my days off.

I've been home alone since Monday with Em and her BF gone. It's been quiet and I miss them. It turns out I'm glad Emily will be living at home instead of going away to college. I'm not ready for her to be gone. How do parents of 'onlys' do it? I was the second one in my family to leave the nest. I actually left as soon as I graduated from high school, at 17. I went on a cross-country trip with 3 other friends. In a Pinto! We camped the whole time, were gone for 2 months, and went to 32 states plus Mexico and Canada. I left for college two days after I got back. How in the world did my parents let me do it? Thank goodness my parents let me do it.

I'm going to get busy now. Don't want to let this energy go to waste.


Leann said...

I love road trips!! I'm sure your parents, especially Mom, missed you terribly but raised you to be independent and self sufficient. :-)
Enjoy your day my dear. Have a blessed day.

Jamie said...

A PINTO? Good heavens, I remember those things...didn't they end up with some kind of blowing up problem, when hit in the rear end? Yes, I often wonder what my parents were thinking, when they let me do some of the things I did. I guess maybe the world wasn't SUCH a bad place then, or they just didn't know it was.

Happy Friday, friend. Thank you ever so much for the birthday card. You are so special, C. Big hugs. :)

KathyA said...

I left for college the week before I graduated from HS and had to return for graduation.

And BTW, Dick's first car was a Pinto. It's amazing we're still alive!

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