26 May 2011

Happy about Thursday

The birds are so loud in the morning. I love the sound. I sleep with a very loud fan all year round, so I don't actually hear them when I get up. I'd love to have my windows open in good weather, but I have a hard enough time sleeping as it is so birdsong wouldn't do. Outside on my little porch is good enough for me.

So, it's Thursday. One of my favorite days. I'm off and I'm drinking. Coffee. I'm up early, sitting outside. I've got a load of wash going. It's hot and humid and I wish the pool was open today. Rob will be over at lunchtime and we get to spend time together. We haven't had the opportunity to do much of that lately. So, yea! for Thursday.

One week from today the flurry of activity for Emily and Phil begins. Award ceremony and prom, family picnic, graduation and reception, and finally, the party at my house. I'm going to work on the menu today. I'll feel a lot better when I have that worked out, although I have a good idea of what I'm serving. The house, the other big stresser, is almost done. Depending on the weather forecast, I'll paint the window sills and be done. I'm only working two days next week. Happy about that!

My friend Kit had a birthday luncheon for our friend Lisa on Sunday. The three of us have been friends since at least junior high. Kit gave us both gift bags with some of her favorite things. The bags were almost the best part! Attached to one side was a picture of the three of us from way back when. Look at my hair!

This picture was from last year's birthday luncheon. We all look so much better despite the years.

I think you know I grew up hating my curly hair. I started setting it at a very early age to get rid of the curls. Oh the years I spent sleeping on curlers! When I was in high school, I started letting it dry curly, but it wasn't a pretty sight. I had big unmanageable hair with no style. Look at that picture! Tight against my head then 'bozo-ed' out like a clown. A lot of the time I wore a bandana to keep it away from my face. It went well with the overalls and construction boots. I didn't give up the curlers completely until the fateful day my friend Lisa convinced me to go to her hairdresser. See her short and stylish hair in the first picture? We were out drinking one day, in the afternoon (I did that?), and she persuaded me to go to her salon. She told my mother when we got home, and my mom told her to call the salon right there and then before I changed my mind. I got an appointment that day, and the rest is history. Now I'm the one cutting cutting curly hair.

Well, it's time to get a move-on. Happy Thursday! Yeah, that goes for you too Jamie.


Cindy said...

Your hair is so awesome, I don't know why you hate it, mine is straight as a board and I HATE IT!! HAHA, we are never happy!

I have a little friend that has curly hair, but she's embraced it, she does such cute things with it, it certainly suits her personality.

happyone said...

We all love you with your curly hair. : )
I've been sitting out on my deck again this morning too (though I don't drink coffee) with a load of clothes hanging out drying!
I read sitting out there.
Have a nice time with Rob.

Noofy said...

What a great idea with the pictures on the bag! Doesn't it seem we all want what we don't have. Us girls with straight hair would be thankful for some curls. I spent hours in the past with hot rollers and hairspray for the sake of a few curls that nevery stayed. Don't stress, eveything will come together for Emily's graduation, prom, picnic, party, etc. You always have a plan and it all unfolds beautifully. You and Rob are due for a day trip together. You did a couple of them last summer if I recall. Enjoy your time together.

KathyA said...

Out drinking in the afternoon, eh??? Coffee then, too? :)

So what are you serving???

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