23 May 2011

I won't miss you, Monday

I'm sitting on my porch, as usual when the weather is obliging at night. Happy me. It's been the best part of my day, today. This one has been frustrating, and only because things didn't go as planned. I drove to The Annapolitan to take my mom out. The plan was for me to go clothes shopping and for us to go to lunch. A short visit. I got Mom onto her scooter outside Marshall's, and right away the scooter started acting up. It moved at a snail's pace, erratically, till it finally just stopped moving. I had to push it into the store. Mom was stuck with an unmoving scooter and no place else to sit down, while I tried to shop. It was frustrating and unproductive. I was hungry too. I get in a bad mood when I'm hungry. I pushed the scooter out to my car, which is hard to do. It doesn't glide. We went to Famous Dave's for lunch. While there, I realized someone had to get my mom's wheelchair from their old house and bring it to their new place. And it was not going to be me. It took a while for me to accept the fact that it had to be me. I felt better after accepting it. In the big picture, it's such a small thing. This was the first time back to the house for my mom since moving 4 weeks ago. She was glad to have her bathroom! She sat outside for a while. I gathered up some stuff, then we were off. I wheeled her to her room in the wheelchair. Wheelchairs are not good. She'll be dependent on someone to push her now, till she gets a new electric wheelchair or this one decides to work again. I pushed her scooter up to the hallway outside her room. I stayed for a while more, then went home. I left my house at 8 this morning and didn't get home till 4:30. Boo.

Dad in his favorite place

Mom in her favorite place, the glider. They had a Hawaiian Luau on Saturday. And an open bar!

I had my deck power washed on Thursday. It took over 8 hours to transform it from blackish to back-to-new looking. Except for all the splinters. It will have to be sanded and sealed, but it looks just great.

At the same time I had the underside of my deck inclosed in lattice.

I also had my kitchen faucet installed. What an improvement to the whole look of my kitchen!

All the paid work is done in my house. Yesterday the third ceiling fan was installed, along with an attic fan, a light fixture on the deck, and a timer for the porch and garage lights. Whew!

Emily's 'computer room' will feel much better with this fan.

The roofer told me my roof was just fine, btw. So glad to hear I don't need to replace it now.

Well, I'm ready to put this super-long day to rest. I'm looking forward to a day of work tomorrow. Work days are never frustrating, except for the lack of coffee.


KathyA said...

Aside from the frustrating start, you really did have a productive day! Where/how does one get a scooter repaired??

Noofy said...

Those nasty scooters at retail stores never work, no one maintains them. Hinesight being 20/20, you probably would have been better off with the wheelchair if you had it with you. Your deck looks great, top to bottom. You won't regret sealing it. Good news on the roof, eh? Emily will love the fan, air circulation is amazing. You're getting there!

pattycakes said...

you sure are a great daughter , if all of us had u there wud be no unhappy nursing home people. i just love your blog and your beautiful pictures . i found you from andrews 4th avenue blues blog :) have a great day

pattycakes said...

oh btw , your parents look really happy , your mom is beautiful :)

Jamie said...

Even when you're pissy, you're pretty amazing and make me smile. To a better day!

Hugs. :)

happyone said...

Now we both have nice clean decks. : )
We are going to put a fan in the kitchen. They make such a difference. We have one in the living room and one in our bedroom.
Hope your mom gets her scooter working again soon.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Your parents both look really happy! Those store scooters need to be maintained better as far as I'm concerned. I hate it when people let their kids play with them. I wouldn't be able to do grocery shopping if it wasn't for those scooters even though I can walk....I just can't walk for very long distances before my hip starts screaming. Ahhhhh Old age....ain't it wonderful. LOL

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