26 August 2011

Earthquakes, hurricanes and ???

I'm sitting in my lounge chair watching 'complete coverage of Hurricane Irene' on the weather channel. I can't believe the NYC transit system is being shut down! So many cities are being evacuated. I'm glad to see that decisions are being made on the side of caution. I'm on hyper-alert just listening to the warnings, though part of me thinks it's just going to be a lot of rain with some wind. I think I'm as ready as ever for the worst. I've taken in all the deck and porch furniture, outdoor plants, chimes, etc. The only thing still out is my grill and I'll wheel that into the house tomorrow. My gas tank is full and so are my gas cans. I have batteries and water. I've scraped some dirt away from the house by my basement door so the water can drain away (some came in during Isabella). I sure do hope we don't lose power. And I hope no trees fall on my house.

I was in the back room at the salon on the phone with Rob when the earthquake struck. For some reason, I wasn't paying attention to what was going on. I was distracted by the phone. The salon has a flat metal roof covered with gravel and whenever workers are up there, their walking is really loud. I thought something was going on with the roof. It sounded like a truck. Then like an army of trucks. Then I realized the ground was moving. If I had been looking, I'm sure I would have seen everything moving. I wasn't paying attention. It felt surreal. I hung up with Rob and walked outside. Other people were coming outside saying it was felt in other states. Someone asked if it was an earthquake. That thought hadn't crossed my mind--that's how outside of normal reality it was. It's been 10 days since the earthquake, and 'where were you when it happened?' is still part of the conversation every day. If I could, I'd have a do-over. I'd like to experience it more 'in the moment.'

Tomorrow will be a regular Saturday workday for me. I'll still have time to go to Starbucks afterward. Then it's hunkering in time. Hope everyone has a safe weekend.


Moohaa said...

Crazy stuff!! You guys are getting hard over there. I have a friend in Maryland who is a postal worker and she is still working tomorrow, regardless of what is going on. I will be thinking of you and hoping all is well. Please update when you can. I hope for a boring day for you. :) Take care!!

Jamie said...

Such strange occurrences on the east coast lately. I hope that the storm is not as bad as predicted, but either way, be safe!

Big hugs friend. :)

Retired Knitter said...

YEs, earthquakes definitely shake everyone up real good!! :-)

I blogged about my experience. But what I didn't say was that it was very un-nerving to have your whole house trembling!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you.. I think Irene is going to be a lady. I am appreciating your coverage here and on FaceBook!! Enjoy the adventure. What else can you do?

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