29 August 2011

A sunny day in the life of me

As is typical of aftermaths of hurricanes, the weather today was just delightful! I opened my windows to let the fresh air in. I was talking on my phone and walking in my front yard when I noticed a very fluffed-out little hummingbird on my feeder. I wondered why it was hanging out on the perch and not eating. I got off the phone and wandered closer and the bird didn't fly away. It looked like a juvenile--maybe it was afraid to fly? I wanted to see if I could get even closer. Long story short, my bird didn't move! I cupped my hand under him/her and took this picture. I'll remember this forever (I hope)!

I spent the day with my parents at The Annapolitan. They've been without power since around dinner time on Saturday, and relegated to the third floor. No fun! We hung out in the sitting area at the end of their wing, an area with casement windows on three sides. All the windows were open and the breeze was blowing and it was sunny. It was really nice there. I brought my laptop and entertained my mom with lots of pictures. My dad read a magazine. The caregivers served lunch to the residents in their rooms or wherever they were. The staff made the best of a gas-powered kitchen and lots of generators. Later in the afternoon I found out that the elevator was working, but they wanted to limit it's use. I got permission to take my mom downstairs and outside. It was her first time out in days. We sat on the glider with our books and enjoyed the outdoors. It was a wonderful 7 hours together. Much longer than I usually have patience for. I think I made up for the screaming I did yesterday. Yes, me. I was SO mad at my mom when I found out she had walked to the bathroom by herself the day before. Yes, screaming mad. She shouldn't be walking by herself and had promised me she wouldn't. I was relaxing, thinking she wouldn't fall anymore because she was always getting help. I spent last Thursday (with Rob) taking my mom to the doctor's and for X-rays for her terrible pain. It turns out she has 1 or 2 compression fractures from her fall 3 weeks ago. She was right; there was something very wrong and there was a reason she was in so much pain. To find out she was walking into the bathroom with no help? Not acceptable. Bad me...every time she moaned in pain today getting up or down, I reminded her to remember the pain whenever she thought of walking by herself. Every time. I hope I drove the point home. The thought of her falling now is too painful for me to think of. I think she gets it. Maybe. She told me I'm going to heaven.


Jamie said...

You are going to Heaven, but not for a very long time. :)

I love the pic of you and your mom, and certainly the pic of you with your bird. Cheryl, you are amazing, and even the birds agree.

Hugs, friend. :)

happyone said...

Amazing about the hummingbird! That must have been awesome.

Cynthia said...

Your story about your mother falling sounds SO familiar. The doctor told Mom she needed a walker. She was 99 at the time and her sense of balance was all but gone. "No! Fold that thing up and put it away. It's like being in a cage." So she had a couple of really bad falls. Didn't break anything, but got horrendous bruises. When I'd say, "Mom, please use your walker. I don't want you to fall," she'd say, "Anyone can fall at my age."

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, your going to heaven was in the plans long before your Mom told you so! That's so sweet of her to make that comment; she definitely hears the love in your voice even when you are scolding. You're a wonderful daughter! (From Karen)

Retired Knitter said...

Being there for our parents can be so frustrating ....I know.

Love the picture of the bird in your hand.

Noofy said...

I'm not sure which is more unbelievable this picture of the hummingbird or the video, either way, pretty amazing! Hope your folks have power on now at the Annapolitan. My best friend just got power back 1pm today (Thurs), she lives in Edgewater. BG&E not good service, worst than PEPCO.

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