01 March 2007

I wasn't going to write tonight. I have things I need to do and time is short. Here I am.

I'm getting excited about my trip on Saturday to Charlotte, NC. It'll be an adventure. Here I'm not a flier, but I'm rendezvousing with my sister for a weekend get-away. Woo-hoo! She and I see each other a few times a year, but it's usually when she's here to be with my parents. She stayed with me last year for a week after my surgery; that was a treat. Anyway, we tried to research what there is to do in Charlotte, but it felt like homework. We're not really museum-goers, and not into NASCAR (there's a track there). A movie would be good. So far our only plans are to shop and eat! It looks like there's 5 malls within 5 miles of each other. I'm not much of a clothes shopper, but I do like to shop. I'm sure there's a Border's there, along with the big box stores you see everywhere. I just might need to take more than carry-on luggage. We bid on the hotel we're staying at on priceline.com. From the website, it looks luxurious. The hotel rooms have remote controlled Internet enabled television. I'm thinking that's a computer, right? I wasn't planning on Internet access, but it looks like that's a definite possibility. Here's a description of the beds:

Getting rest and relaxation when traveling can be a challenge. That's why the Sweet Dreams® sleep experience is in all of our 175 hotels across North America. This sleep standard includes:

A custom designed, plush top-mattress
An inviting abundance of jumbo down pillows
A luxurious linen package of baffle-box down blankets, high-thread count linens with triple sheeting, elegant contemporary bedcovers and matching bedskirts

I'll add sleeping to the shopping and eating!

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