29 October 2007

I finally got some cleaning done around here this morning. Mainly in my room. And, I moved the clothes in my closet so the winter clothes are in the front.

The class I went to was very good, and, I had a front row seat. As I wrote before, I already know and use the products and love them. If you have curly hair and want to know about the products, send me a e-mail.

Check out the diffuser on the blowdryer. It's shaped like a hand, and meant to get under the hair and placed against the head. I refrained from buying one, although of course I wanted it. I already have three work dryers. One is all I need.

I had a great view of him

And last, our friend the mannequin.

I came home and did more cleaning. Made dinner. And here I am. I'm trying to convince Emily to play cards with me, so I gotta go.


bonnie said...

Wow, I love these photos. Was it a curly class? Don't make me regret my haircut now! You beat me to the punch on my blog. I wasn't finished with my post, I was just checking on the REAL position of my first photos when you left me a message. WHOA! Okay, I'm done now. And all is well, thanks for asking. Just preoccupied. I will try try try to write more. :-)

Mary said...

I always wanted to go to one of the stylist demostrations. The things that can be done with impossible hair (which I have) just amazes me. The hand puzzled me. I wouldn't know how to use that. . . not that I need to.

marykay said...

I have always fought my curly hair! It has won most times so I use the straightener. Unless there is humidity than its all over.Any tips?

Moohaa said...

That looks like it was pretty fun. Any suggestions for someone whose hair is stuck shamelessly between straight and curly? I would love to be able to bring out my curl more.

Take care!!

Jamie said...

My daughter has hair like little orphan annie, I need to tell her about that diffuser. Thanks!

Portia said...

it is so cool to get to see pictures from your class! i hope today is another good day:)

Jay said...

Hey, am I the only guy who comments here? LOL

I don't have winter and summer clothes. I wear the same thing year round. It's a guy thing, I guess. ;-)

STACY'S TRIP said...

I love it. I took my dog on a walk and now I totally need to clean like you did. Aaaaugh. If only "Him" was here to do it with me. I could be so productive. Stacy

captain corky said...

I'll play cards with you! What are we playing and are we playing for money? What kind of snacks are we having?

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I was thinking the SAME thing about that hairstylist..
Okay, how much is that diffuser, and if I send you money could you buy it for me -I'll include shipping costs too-I'm very serious..that thing looks sooo cool!!!

The trick treaters don't come until 6? is there a time cut off?
The end time here is 7:15pm and it starts at 3pm (makes no sense since the elementary and jr high schools don't get out until 3;30..but the hs gets out at 2:30..great..I'll have the big kids taking all the skeleton lollipop hands first before the fun little ones make their way around!!

Happy halloween!!
Are you dressing up? And what about Em?
*loved your comment by the way over by my way of crustyland today..made me lmao!!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

p.s. if I have butt ass (sorry for language) straight hair, than the diffuser naturally would be a poor investment, right? Because it's just so freakin cute I want it! At first I thought it was a palm tree. :)

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