11 October 2007

I'm wasting my day away. I hate that. I went to the ear, nose and throat doctor this morning. I was pretty nervous. The doctor was young, and very nice. He looked over the results from my barium swallow test and upper g.i. He explained about the hiatal hernia. He put an instrument that looked like a piece of black spaghetti down my throat. It didn't hurt at all, much to my relief. He saw swelling exactly where I've been feeling it for almost 2 months, right by the hollow of my throat, and said it was caused by the acid reflux. He prescribed Prevacid, a pricey medication, and told me to come back in a month. I also made an appointment with the gastro doctor to get an endoscopy on the 19th. Hopefully that will be the end of the medical stuff and I'll just take pills. I'd be fine with that.

Back to my wasting the day. I went to Sam's Club to pick up my prescription. I wonder how much it would have cost elsewhere? With my insurance it cost $25 for a month's supply. I'll have to check mail-order, etc... if this is going to be a maintenance drug. Since I was at Sam's, with nothing pressing to do, I strolled the isles. I bought a small safe, something I've been meaning to do for a while. I bought this and that. You can always find things you never knew you wanted, unfortunately. I came home, and ate. And did this and that. And now it's almost 2:00 and I have to leave for Emily's game in an hour. What a day.

I was reading Josie's post today, and it got me thinking. What do you think happens to your soul when you die? Well, I read a book a while ago, young adult fiction, actually, and it's really stayed with me. It's a book about life after death, and if this could be the way it is, I think it would be wonderful. Here's a blurb about the book, Elsewhere. The book is an easy read, and really uplifting.

Time for the game. Later...


Portia said...

doesn't sound like a total waste, but i know the feeling. i hope the game went well! any pics?

fiwa said...

Hope the Prevacid works for you and you're feeling better soon.

Interesting question. I would like to think what happens to you after you die is shaped by the life you lead, by the attitudes you live by. Did you ever see "What Dreams May Come"? Sorta like that. But I don't want to come back again. That sounds like a neat book, and I really enjoy reading young adult fiction, so maybe I'll look it up at the library.

Happyone said...

I believe my soul will go to heaven to be with Jesus because I have excepted the gift of Salvation from God.

josie2shoes said...

Hi Cheryl, I hope the Prevacid works wonders for you, acid reflux is no fun. That book looks fascinating, I'll definitely have to check it out!

heiresschild said...

my answer about my soul is the same as happyone above.

i do hope the meds work for you also with no side effects. have you checked out foods which may cause acid reflux? perhaps coffee/cappuccino/expresso?

Jay said...

"What do you think happens to your soul when you die?"

Whoa! Way to get all deep on us all of the sudden like! LOL

I haven't a clue what will happen. Honestly I'll just wait and see. It's way too deep of a subject for me to contemplate most of the time.

Jamie said...

Prevacid is a great drug, I'll bet it words well for you. I LOVE days when I can do/buy this and that! Never seems to be enough time!

SpringMist said...

I hope today will be a better day for u!
How did the game go?

It seems like an interesting book, but it kinda made me feel sad whn I read the intro. I am going to Borders tomorrow, so I might sneak in a read there :)

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

So the doc was young and nice..but was he cute?? :)
Glad that things went well with him-the ENT..I hope the Prevacid works well for you. (My friend in florida is a pharm rep that sells that reflux pill to doc offices..I'm quite familiar with it.)

So, did Emily win? and, thanks so much for your wonderful words today about my parenting. It made my morning!!

as far as my SOUL?
I believe my soul moves onward to Heaven, and the people left behind are given special reminders of me through the grace of my soul lent out from G-ds hand.thanks for reminding me about something that happened after my mom's dad died..

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