26 October 2007

It rained, rained, rained all day. Amazing for these parts these days. I say if it's gonna be gray, it might as well rain.

I got an early start today and ran some errands before work. The work day flew by. I told some co-workers about my boring day yesterday. They agreed that they'd rather be in our bright salon with other people, than home alone on a dreary, rainy day. Glad to hear it's not just me. I love my days off, usually.

I came home and ate a bag of low fat popcorn. Not very good, but filling. Then I had a little strawberry ice cream cause I needed something sweet. Why does ice cream have to be so good? I'm regretting I ate it, but, oh well. And it was actually more than a little. Now I have to go to bed full. Not a good thing.

Sunday is my book club. Usually everyone cooks, but this time we're ordering Chinese. I wonder how many others, besides me, didn't read Pride and Prejudice? I know of at least four, and one of them never reads the books (you know who you are!). I really meant to finish the Cliffs Notes, but then I thought, why bother? I've mentioned the book to many of my clients, and they either say it's their all-time favorite book, or that it was a bore.

I'll be going to a hair show on Monday. The company sponsoring it, Deva Curl, makes fabulous products for curly hair. I've tried many brands that say they're for curly hair, but you'd never know why. They're ordinary. These products give you clumpy, soft curls and hair that smells wonderful. Many years ago my salon ventured to the salon that started this product line, in SoHo, NYC. We learned a haircut, then had models to do the haircuts on. Very cool. Now their products are national, and they have their own haircutting system. I'm looking forward to the show. I'm sure there'll be a lot of curly-haired stylists in the audience. Just like me.

Well, this post started out slow, then just rambled. I kind of like it when that happens. Is that called 'finding your muse?' or is that called 'finding your voice?'

Hanging out on a rainy day


Ilene said...

Good, I'm the first to comment! If you come across any good curly hair products, why don't you pick something up for me. I'm running low.

Summer said...

Like you, I've tried reading that book. It isn't an easy read. The appointment with my doctor didn't go well. The radiologist thought that there was a meniscus tear but the surgeon didn't agree. He feels as if it's a RA flare because of the blood work results. So it's back to the rheumatologist on Monday to try and regulate my meds so I am not so sick from them all the time. I took a pain pill tonight and all I've done is succeeded in making myself nauseous and wide awake. Blech! Thanks so much for checking on me. I really appreciate it. What is up with all of this rain we're getting???

Mary said...

I did read that book after several tries. It falls into the long term project category with me.

I can't remember when I've been glad to see rain before this. Just think of it as a necessity for a lovely spring.

I love the picture and I admire the close relationship you and your daughter seem to have.

Billy said...

The hair show sounds like a lot of fun. Will they let you take pictures? I just love rainy days. As long as it is light inside, I can handle the dark outside. Usually, if I leave the lights off, all I want to do on rainy days is sleep.

Happyone said...

I am one of the ones who love that book. :-)
Glad you had a better day than you did yesterday.
When it's dreary outside, I just turn on lots of lights and make my own sunshine. :-)

Jay said...

I've never even tried to read that book. I think it's more of a chick book anyway. LOL

Becca said...

Hey Cheryl!!
I decided to give you something to do this weekend and tag you!


Moohaa said...

Add me to the list of those unable to finish P&P. YAWN...

I wish I had a magic hair product that would make my hair behave. It can never decide between curly and straight. Very upsetting. :)

I think you found your voice. Tell it like it is!!

fiwa said...

Add me to list of "loved it"s. I'm sorry you didn't get into it - have you watched the movie?

Thank you so much for mentioning those products for curly hair. I was using a product that was discontinued and haven't found anything else I like yet, so this is good to hear. I hope I can find it around here.

I love the picture of you and Em together, and I'm LUSTING after your chair.

Moohaa said...

Hey Cheryl... I have always written. I've never been published. But journaling, short stories, poetry... its always been a part of me.

Can you believe the only reason I found Andrews Blog was on the blogger home page and it flashed up on the screen as one of the recently updated blogs. And now I feel like I'm getting to really know everyone!

Thanks! :)

Jamie said...

Great photo! I think that book was a difficult one, as well.

I would LOVE a rainy day at home...makes me think of homemade soup, and homemade bread...

Have a really good weekend!

Amanda said...

Is that called 'finding your muse?' or is that called 'finding your voice?'

Yup, gotta love it when that happens. Y'all look just lovely curled up like that. :)

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

How did I miss this post? I love the pic..I can't get over you two..you're like twins!!
"Finding your muse," I like that!!

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