13 April 2008

And how was your weekend? Mind was good. I went to a shish kabob restaurant last night with some friends. I had a yummy gyro. It's hard to find authentic ones. Afterwards I went grocery shopping with my neighbor. We browsed (I like grocery shopping). I wanted to go to this particular store, Bloom, because they had flatiron steaks on sale. It's a cut of meat I've never seen in MD and I've been looking for it. I'm going to make Steak Teriyaki tomorrow. Today I did lots of laundry. It's great having the laundry room right off the family room. Easy. I read the paper. Read blogs. Did paperwork. Went to Sam's Club and then to pick up Emily from her friend's house. Then it was off to my book club meeting at my sister Lisa's house. It was her first time hosting and her house looked great! Our book was A Thousand Splendid Suns, one that I had already read. Everyone loved it, as much as you can love a heartbreaking story. We had our usual array of wonderful food. My apple almond cheesecake was a big hit and I made sure not to bring any leftovers home. Our next book will be Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. I've read that too. It's just an awesome book. I might reread it so it's fresh in my mind.

I think I'll finish this post with some pictures...

Here's the bedding I'm considering. I'm still not sure. I think it's beautiful but I'll probably return it.

Aren't these flowers beautiful? This is the front and back view of the same arrangement. Every Tuesday I buy a bunch of flowers at Trader Joe's to bring to work. On Saturday I bring them home. Some of the flowers in the picture are two weeks old.

Why I need to power wash my house. It's embarrassing, don't you think? The builders planted a maple tree too close to the side of the house. It had terrible above ground roots that were growing under the foundation and I had to get it taken out. This is what was left behind. I think I'll admit I can't do this job myself and look for a professional. The siding on the rest of the house is fine.

Signs of Spring

I forgot to post this week's pizza. I bought new cast iron griddle to make pizzas on. One side has grates and the other, the pizza side, is smooth. I had leftover sausage & ground beef so that's the kind of pizza we had. It was delicious.

And that's all I've got. For now.


Mary said...

Sounds like our friend Cheryl is back after a few blah days. That's something to make us all happy. The pictures are pretty. What a thoughtful way to say welcome to your clients - with flowers. Pressure washing is no job for us ladies as I'm sure you now know. Professional is the only way to go.

Summer said...

The flowers are beautiful. Is that the comforter set you bought from Kohls? Did you change your mind about it?

heiresschild said...

Hi Cheryl, you had a beautiful weekend. love the pics! thanks for sharing some beauty! i like the bedding set, and i love kabobs--been thinking about them lately (with mouthwatering thoughts, lol).

Billy said...

That is a cool griddle! Of course, I would think I needed one, but it probably won't get used. Love the pictures.

Lena said...

The flowers and bedding beautiful.

I never heard of pizza grills, I will have to look into that.

Loved all your pictures... a spring time post to cheer us all.


Happyone said...

Great photos of the flowers - amazing that they look so nice yet after 2 weeks.

My house needs a power washing too.

I too like to go grocery shopping. :-)
Glad you enjoyed your weekend!!

fiwa said...

I like that bedding - I think it's pretty and it looks really nice with your headboard.

Where did you get the pizza griddle? I've been thinking about getting a pizza stone, but I think it'd rather have a cast iron griddle.

ALL of your flowers are beautiful, I'm so glad spring is finally coming.

happy day -

Portia said...

I really like the pink and green signs of spring. And I myself love the bedding. If that's it in your room I think it looks great with the walls.
I love that you take fresh flowers to work every week.
Enjoy your reading:)

C.A. said...

I LOVE the bedding! Thanks for posting so many pictures...I really enjoy them. Your pizza looks so yummy, and the flowers are gorgeous.



SOUL said...

you sure got a lot goin on out there. makes me feel lazy-- and hungry of course :))
happy monday..

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