04 April 2008

A little this and that...

I've gotten really behind on reading. It's amazing how fast that happens and I can't even pick and choose because I want to read everyone.

My shoulder is so sore from Monday's power washing session. I use my arm and shoulder everyday at work but I guess I just don't use the power washing muscles. I need that shoulder back because I've got a lot more work to do.

Last night Emily had two friends sleep over. All four chairs were taken at the table. Instead of 2 pieces of lasagna being eaten, there were four. I made three lunches this morning instead of one. This must be what it's like for people that don't have 'only's. My little household is growing. Tonight all the girls are spending the night at Emily's other house (her Dad's). How fun for all of them.

Emily told me she only skims my blog and only looks for her name. So, hi Emily. I guess that means I can talk about her more as long as I don't write her name. Right.

Today seemed to last forever. Way, way too long. Some days are just like that. My last client was none other than Bonnie. I told her I wished she were cutting my hair. Just so I could relax. I'm sure it wouldn't be relaxing since she wouldn't know what she was doing. I cut her hair short, as usual, but this time all the blonde got cut out. That won't do. She's coming back on Wednesday and this time she's going really blond. I finished the haircut, then thought, photo op. So, here we are!

There's my station. My home away from home. I've got my Mary Englebreit things around me. My flowers that I buy every Tuesday from Trader Joe's. This is what I see when I work. Me and my clients in the mirror. In this case, me and Bonnie. Can you tell how big the salon is? It really was a warehouse. It's a great place to work. Here's another picture, just because we like hamming it up.

The long day ended up with some fun, which is always a good thing.

I'm heading up to bed to finish my book and relax. I'll be catching up with you this weekend. Till then...


Lena said...

I have never in my life been to a hairdresser that had flowers in her station. I love that!

What a nice way to make your station a warm and welcoming place, just like you to make your station so homey for you and your clients.


Jamie said...

You two look like you are having a great time, thank you for sharing the pics!

And i have to agree with cjm - I have never seen fresh flowers in a salon either, maybe I need to get out more?

I hope your weekend is wonderful.

Hugs. :)

dawn said...

you are so contagious.
just looking at you makes me happy.

Billy said...

You are both so pretty! What a lovely picture!

Summer said...

I wish I had the nerve to cut my hair like Bonnie's. It's looks so good on her but for me I think I'd look like a Q-tip.

What a huge shop you work at!!! It looks like a happy place.

Great pictures, as always.

fiwa said...

I'm glad you got to finish the day off with Bonnie. :) I love that haircut.

That really is a big salon - but like someone else said, I've never seen a station with flowers or personal things like that, and I think it's great. It looks like you're there for the long haul, not just someone I'd have cut my hair and then never see again like happens in so many salons.

I hope Saturday goes by quickly so you can enjoy your borders time. By the way, I posted the chicken artichoke recipe for you. Reading it again made me so hungry for it that I'm going to make it this weekend.


Happyone said...

Nice to see where you work. Love the photos.
You both look great.

Rick Rockhill said...

oh great photos! I've always wondered what your work station looked like...

Mary said...

You've made your station a personal statement. It's lovely just as you are.

I really like Bonnie's haircut and wish I could wear it, but it just wouldn't work for me.

The two of you look so upbeat and happy. It makes me feel happy just to see you two lovely ladies having fun.

Moohaa said...

Looks like a wide open space to work! It must be nice compared to some cramped places I've been in.

Enjoy your book!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

what a happy Studio work area!! So colorful! It's totally you!


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