10 April 2008

The View From My Porch, Finally

The sun came out. The weather got warm. It was the nicest day of Spring and I was off. It was a good day. I'm writing this from my front porch. I have a pizza baking in the oven, and all is well.

I tried on many 3/4 sleeved shirts at Kohl's but none was perfect. What might be perfect is the comforter set I bought. I think I love it. The comforter is heavier then I'd like, but it's beautiful.

Next was a run through Target. It's newly remodeled and enlarged. Are all the Targets geting makeovers? It was impressive! I bought a tee shirt with many peace signs on it for Emily and a new plain pink folder. The last one. If you get a chance, Fortune magazine has a cover story on Target that's very interesting.

I got to the doctor's office just in time for the entire building to lose it's power. Luckily, the exam rooms were well lit by the afternoon sun. I loved Dr. Abdo. Turns out my old doctor had asked her if she would take on some of her patients. I didn't know that. They've known each other for years. Dr. Abdo told me all after hours calls go directly to her cell phone and she answers all calls. She works on paperwork most weekends and is available if a patient needs to be seen. She always calls with results. She recommended I cancel next week's appointment with my gastroenterologist (their office makes me so angry with their phone unavailability) and go with her recommendation. When I got home, her recommended doctor's office called me to set up an appointment. That's this coming Monday. All these appointments are to figure out why I'm having abdominal pain. I had my sonogram yesterday. I imagine I have more tests in my future.

It was such a great day to be outside and I decided my shoulder had healed enough to finish power washing the front walkway. I discovered what injured my shoulder. It wasn't holding the nozzle steady under so much pressure. It was pulling the cord to start the engine. It took about three tries to get it going and luckily I didn't have to turn it off for the walkway. When I was done with that I brought everything over to the side of the house to start on the siding. I must have tried ten times to get it started, but no luck. With each pull, my shoulder hurt more, but I kept trying. Till I gave up. At least now I'll know why I'm in pain.

I'm almost done. What did I do before blogging from my porch? I read more of Kelly's book, from my hammock. Now that was nice.


Mary said...

Darn!!! I wrote what I thought was a good comment and either blogger or windows kicked me out.

I'm back to ask the questions: I never heard of a 'boutique' doctor. Is the $1800 just a retainer and care is extra over that? 400 times $1800 - do the math. Is this a trend? As you can see I live in a closed bubble. The world keeps moving and I just float in my bubble.

Glad spring touched your world today.

fiwa said...

Oh good - I'm so glad you liked the new dr. She sounds like a peach - and it's great that she was able to get you into a different specialist - sooner. No wonder you've not been feeling on top of your game - pain will do that to you.

I hope you enjoyed your pizza - that's what we had tonight, but ours was Pappa Murphy's thin crust. I bet yours was better.

Enjoy your day tomorrow. :)

Moohaa said...

Sounds like a really lovely day! Good shopping, excellent doctor, a hammock and a good book! ;)

Your doctor sounds like a dream come true. Wow. Taking calls and getting back to people? Unheard of these days.

I'm glad you had a great day. You deserve it. Just take it easy on that shoulder.

dawn said...

i love your view!!! i remember how amazing it was to have that first really perfect spring day. you guys work hard for that. i hope today is a repeat of yesterday for you. xoxox

SOUL said...

you did get lucky finding a decent doc--that's a rare thing these days--
glad you're having good weather--
sorry you're in pain.

keep us posted on your med stuff-- hope they get it figured out-- i know how that stuff is-- and it's never fun...

happy weekend!

Billy said...

Sounds like a lovely day. I am just getting caught up with everyone.

Brad said...

Good news on the Doc - I've never heard of a Dr. who took such care - wonderfull! Take care sweets & have a great weekend

Happyone said...

It is so important to find a doctor that you really like. She sounds wonderful.
Such a pretty tree you get to look at off your porch.
It WAS a beautiful weather day yesterday and today is just an nice. Hope your having a good one.

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Hey there Cheryl. I've missed seeing you at Panera Bread. ;) That T shirt you got your daughter sounds just like the one my daughter just baught for herself.

Love from Beantown!!!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Cheryl; no more power washing for you, okay? I forbid you! :ol lol.

Enjoy your quiet time..and I'm glad to read that you had a nice outing shopping, even though clothes didn't cooperate.


do you have a hernia maybe?? ouwchie.

Amanda said...

Great view! I hope the pain is nothing serious & that it goes away quickly!

Rick Rockhill said...

What, no photo of the pizza??? :-)

Portia said...

Now THAT is the kind of doctor I like to hear about! So glad you've got one like that one your side, it makes such a difference.

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