04 September 2008

A quick little of this, little of that..

I went to my mom's this morning and cut her hair. Short. Shorter than she'd like, but she couldn't complain. We're growing the color out, and in her case, this is the way to go. It was already on the short side and layered. Coloring her hair is just a hassle. Because her arm just hangs, it's really uncomfortable for her to lean over the kitchen sink to rinse the color out. Her arm gets wedged between the cabinet and her body. It's too hard to wash the color out in the shower using one hand. It's too far for my father to drive her to my salon. So, we're going to try this. If we can't accept her new look, which will take at least another short haircut, we'll start the color over again.

We went out to lunch with my nephew and his fiance. It was a lot of fun. My nephew is a real jokester, and like me, he knows my mother like a book. He had us all laughing.

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and returned my Green Bags for vegetables and fruits, my Brown Bags for bread, and my 'magic lids'. It was a no hassle return. The other day Em went to get a banana from the bag. They were bright yellow with green still on the stems, but complete mush inside. The loaf of bread in the bag has worked really well but the bagels molded. The seal on the magic lids, or whatever they're called. loses suction, so, no seal. I kept the bag that the bread is in, and the banana bag that I had drying. I'll try the fruit bag on something else, but not on bananas.

I took a quick break at Panera's, but stayed for a short time. I guess I wasn't in the mood to linger. From there I used my faithful GPS to get me to the Super Wal-mart. That was a pretty quick trip too. I didn't need much.

I got a call from Emily telling me she was with her dad, on the way to get X-rays of her legs. Last week she was in extreme pain while running and then resting. The doctor thought it was a lack of hydration and potassium. She took the long weekend off, and was fine. She practiced yesterday but didn't complain to me. Today she was in a lot of pain. Her doctor doesn't think it's a stress fracture, and I've been told by clients that an X-ray wouldn't pick it up anyway. I feel really bad for Emily because she really wants to play field hockey and found out yesterday that she made Varsity. We'll see what happens.

I'll be heading to Back to School Night soon. I like to get a visual of the teachers.

It's hot as heck in MD. It must be in the 90's. I think if it's going to be that hot that the pool should be open. There should be a law!

I'm worried about my friends living in the hurricane's path. Please be careful!


Lena said...

Oh dear, poor Em and her leg pains. I hope they figure out what it is and that she can still play field hockey!

Anonymous said...

I hope Emily's leg pain is as simple as the doctor thinks. It must really hurt her if she went for x-rays. Poor thing...

Brad said...

I wonder if a sling would help with mom and rinsing? I had to wear one once that had my hand up near the oppisite shoulder. Maybe a scarf would work?

Sorry you pools not open for ya - after complaining about fall yesterday it turned into a great sunny day here. but not quite as warm thankfully.

fingers crossed for Em's leg getting better!

Gin said...

Gosh, I hope Em's leg gets better so she can play! It's not a shin splint is it? Those are painful.

We had exactly the same problem with bananas in those green bags...they look good but get really icky inside. I've never tried it with bread, but I wasn't too crazy about the fruit thing.

Billy said...

Sounds busy! I know that feeling. I hope Emily will be okay. Tell your mom we would love to see a picture of her cute cut when you are finished!

Andrew said...

I hope Emily is okay. I like how you take care of your mom. You are a good daughter. I am busily watching the weather. All these hurricanes make it exciting, but worrisome at the same time. Take care of yourself.

Andrew said...
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Jenny said...

That's sweet of you to help your mom that way, Cheryl. You're a good daughter. It's really hot here too ... I'm enjoying a last week or two of swimming. It is indeed bittersweet. I hope you have a great weekend!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Thanks for letting us know about the bags. I almost bought them the other day but I waited because I knew you were trying them.

I'm sorry Emily is in so much pain. I hope it's nothing serious.

jAMiE said...

I'm sorry to hear about Emily too...i hope it's nothing serious.

I agree with the others who said you are a good daughter, you are.

Moohaa said...

I hope Em is ok. I know Roger experienced a lot of that pain during his teen years and it was from him growing so fast. He did major stretching and ate tons of bananas (potassium) and it helped a bit.

Big hugs to you!!

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...


It seems every year some people want to end summer sooner than the year before. We still have some beautiful weather for swimming ahead.

beachgirl said...

Greetings from Hurricane central.
It sure is busy down here this year. This next one sure looks like it has us in it's future. But no worries. Hopefully it will go to the south and miss us.
Most of all it's really windy and wet. Hannah just left the area and the sun is out finally.
I see some motorcycle time in my future this evening. Some beach time tomorrow. It's supposed to be gorgeous. Before the next storm moves in for a few days of media over reaction and people freaking out over the possibility of another storm. Time will tell.

Have a fun weekend. I hope Emily heals quickly.

Mo said...

Ooh and ouch for Em. I hope she gets to feeling better soon and can play to her heart's content. Congratulations to making Varsity!

Green bags and nanners don't mix huh? Mine are never around long enough so that is one fruit I have not put them in.

What I have learned is the tiniest bit of moisture on the fruit or veggie and it will mold like overnight.

I've had a lot of success with maters, mushrooms, spinach, and berries.

Glad the return was no hassle.

Jamie said...

Cheryl, I really hope Emily's leg pain is nothing worrisome and that she can play. It is so hard on a young person when their bodies won't cooperate, even harder on them than an old fart like me. My oldest son had to give up his dream --- basketball---because of his knees and ankles, and that really hurt. He was quite gifted in the sport.

Happy weekend, I hope the weather settles down soon!



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