29 January 2009

Hey Brad...I need a title

Funny how a day can turn around. I'm at Starbucks drinking a decaf caramel latte, extra caramel, and I feel fine. I went to the doctor's and I'm only 6 1/2 pounds overweight. My pants aren't tight, so the guilt hasn't set in. That will happen tonight when I change into p.j.'s. For now, I'm just great.

I got up and out after my last post and headed to the pool. Swam my mile. The first 10 laps always seem a little long. Once I get to 15 I know I'm almost at 20. After 20, there's only 16 more. It helps counting in increments of 5 laps. One, two, three, four and five and I'm done with the first group. Then I move my water bottle to mark that five. If I didn't play little games with myself, I don't know how I'd pass the time. I got distracted on one lap and banged my head into the end of the lane, but not too hard. I usually get into the hot tub and do my stretches when I finish swimming. I don't really like it. Here's some random observations. There were 24 seniors doing some sort of water aerobics. All but four had tinted hair. There are a lot of Asians there. Just an observation. Most women (myself included, unfortunately) have flat butts. The breasts aren't bad. Better than I thought. Mind you, I'm one of the younger ones there. Most women use the machines that blow warm air to dry their hair, as opposed to bringing their blow dryers. I'm usually the only one with a dryer. I'm the only one putting on make-up. Everyone is very friendly, and I see a lot of regulars in the locker room. I get the impression that a lot of the women have been coming for years.

I stopped at a place called Toucan Taco on the way home. I hadn't been there for probably 30 years. I had chulupas with guacamole. Not a diet lunch. They weren't as good as I remembered. I brought Emily soft tacos. The meat was too spicy for her. I tried it and agreed. Oh well.

I went for my orthopedic appointment. I was tempted to cancel it since my knee is about 80% better. My boss convinced me it was still a good idea. Then I realized I could talk about my shoulder too, so I kept the appointment. I really liked the doctor. I become very talkative and animated around doctors for some reason. Let's see if I can remember what he said. I'm bow-legged and knock-kneed. My tibia is curved, but I don't think too much. He showed me how I was probably situated in the womb. I don't remember if my left leg was crossed over my right, or the other way around. He said my kneecap probably shifted in my sleep and when I got up, it wasn't in place, and that's how the 'injury' occurred. There was swelling, and instead of the fluid going to the front of my knee it found a way to the back. There's a name for that, but unfortunately I don't remember what it is. He told me one simple exercise to do. And that I should water walk a few times a week. Which doesn't fit into my schedule, btw. As far as my shoulder is concerned, it's an over-use problem. He said I should find a way to swim that doesn't cause it to hurt or it will just get worse. I'll work on that.

I went to the grocery store to buy ingredients for broccoli soup. I'm going to use the master recipe from Fine Cooking. BTW, the Butternut squash soup I made this weekend turned out to be fantastic the next day and the days after that. I'll definitely make it again.

I dropped Emily at a friend's, and this Starbucks was nearby. I sure hope it was decaf in that coffee...


Brad said...

'Sexy Stylist Studies Seniors'

Kathy said...

I like Brad's title!
Glad you went to see the orthopod -- you don't know if the coffee is decaf???

Ghost Writer said...

Hey Cheryl, here's something the doctors won't tell you. I have that creepy shoulder too (from overuse). An employee gave me one of those magnetic bracelets and just said "try it." Skeptical, I did. That was 6 months ago. My shoulders has been pain free since.I wear it every day.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm glad you went to the doctor. I'd never heard of kneecaps shifting in sleep.

One of these years I should probably learn to swim. now it's supposed to be so good for you.

Gin said...

Great title Brad!

I also have some advice. If you can take it and aren't allergic, glucosamine is great! I've been taking it off and on for years and it's really helped my bad (car wreck) knees. They used to crackle every time I went up or down stairs...they don't anymore. I don't have so much trouble with them as I used to, altho once in a while I still get a catch.

Swimming laps does get rather tedious. I got a waterproof MP3 player and it helps some!

Your soup sounds yummy. I love butternut soup!

Dear Liza said...

Your new dr sounds really interesting----it seems when I visit one, they never talk, they never have answers or ideas. I'm happy to hear that there isn't anything terribly wrong. Yea you!

Happy Friday!

Hugs, friend. :)

abbagirl74 said...

I just love how you look at the world. It's always a pleasure to come by and see what you have to say everyday. I'm a total fan of your blog, but you probably already knew that.

Tell Em hello!

beachgirl said...

Hi Cheryl,
I have been to many orthopedists due to knees, back and shoulder issues. I always land in rehab. I think it's a conspiracy.
I have been told my patelas don't track right. (old lady knees). My t-bands get really tight. ( i work out a lot). My legs have never been very flexible. I don't see that changing anytime in my life time.
As for my shoulder. It has taken years to get it back from sever tendonitis caused by being a character at Disney. Those costumes are heavy, the heads are heavy and way too many dead drops by overweight Dads, Moms or anyone else who felt the need to come get in the picture. And being a ramp agent at the airport didn't help it one bit.
So my advice is this. Keep swimming, keep walking, sleep often and eat healthy. Oh and eat an apple a day. I find it keeps the Dr's away. ;-}

And how can they say you are 6 pounds overweight. On what scale? Just a thought.

Have a fun filled super bowl weekend.

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