17 January 2009

This that and tomato plants

BTW, it was just last year that I learned when to add an 'e' to the end of the word tomato. It took a long time to learn that 'a lot' was correct and 'alot' wasn't. No matter what, I can't get my 'it's' and 'its' right. I've tried. I like 'it's' better anyway, so that's my way. And the 'me' or 'I' dilemma? I try not to use it because I can't remember the rule. I've asked Kathy many times, and while she's a good teacher, I'm not a good student. Too many highways and all that.

Most of the time I'm happy to be alone. Today I could have used some company. Work was great. Busy. Good clients. Glad to have the day come to an end and head to Borders. I read magazines that featured iPhone articles and tutorials. I'm always looking to learn more and to find out about the latest and best apps. I added Mancala. I just played a game and won but had no idea what I was doing. I added i.TV too. Just because it was voted a best app. We'll see.

I got carry-out from a favorite Asian restaurant. Ate it sitting here on the couch while I read blogs. I'm caught up. Unless someone decides to post something new, in which case I'll be behind again.

I just realized that I've been sitting in absolute silence for about 3 1/2 hours. I think I'll turn on the TV for company.

I'm trying really hard not to post pictures of my tomato plants. They've doubled in size this week, but I don't think you'd find that as fascinating as I do. I'm easily amused. It'll take about 4 months till I'm getting tomatoes, so I don't want to overload you with too many tomato stories yet.

Kit suggested we got to the National Mall tomorrow to watch the Inaugural concert. Is she crazy? I'll let you know if we go. If we do it will mean I'm crazy too.


fiwa said...

Me? I try not to worry to much about me, I, and I forget sometimes and say it's where it should be its. Oh well. I just wanna hear what's going on with you - the grammar isn't such a big deal to me.

Too bad we couldn't keep each other company today. I'm jealous of your tomatO plants - can't really get 'em to grow here.

If you guys go to the concert, you're crazy, but you'd also be my heroes. If you go I want to hear every word of what you did and saw.

love ya,

beachgirl said...

Cheryl I would go to the concert for sure.
But alas, I don't live close enough.
So I will just take a break from my dog sitting duties and go for a long ride on my motorcycle. Sunny but chilly. Way to cold for me to be on the beach.

Enjoy your day.

Summer said...

I always think of Dan Quail when I see an E added on to the end of potato.

As for grammar, I have trouble with "too" sometimes. I had a friend that used the word seen in the wrong places and it drove me crazy, i.e. "I seen you last night."

Other than that, I don't get "too" crazy about it. Ha!

Mary said...

The message is more important than the grammar. At least that's my excuse.

Go to the concert. History is being made.

I want tomato plants, too. Was that correct usage? Hmmmmmmmmmm ... anyway have a wonderful day.

bonnie said...

My grammar dies with "lay" and "lie." I swear my mother changed the rules on a whim just because she was in a bad mood. I've got the me, I, and it's down cold. Ya, Kit's crazy, but it's a story you can tell your grandchildren. She's good to take advantage of the opportunities that are so close by.


3.5 hours of qt? AHHHHHHHHHH! What I wouldn't give! I know what you mean on grammer..then and than..but what makes it more annoying is when you have the ones that correct you in a nonnice manner... I can't wait to see your Tom Plants (easiest way incase you can't remember, just abbreviate it.)
That may be fun to go, just be careful and give yourself enough time!

I'm off to shovel more snow.

Brad said...

There, Their, They're, Don't sweat the grammar.

Honey, if you have the energy and fortitude GO to the innaugeration! any part of it! Go for all of us that can't get there and tell us what you see!

Palm Springs Savant said...

don't feel bad, I can't get the its/it's right either. I just get confused.


Gin said...

It's funny, for someone, such as myself who is such a stickler on grammar, I forget a lot of the rules a lot of the time, especially when I write. I'm always splitting infinitives and screwing up something. I do know the me and I one tho. I think. LOL

I just added a few new Apps to my brand new iPhone too. I got a 3G because my old one was burned out and needed a battery. That cost $130 and my phone would be gone for over a week. I can't live without my phone so I bought a new one. I know, I know...very frivolous...I keep thinking about my carbon footprint and our disposable society...ack!!! Anyway, I added Bejeweled, Mahjong, TicTackToe, and Solitaire. Now I have to go check out Mancala and iTV!!

Gin said...

P.S. I also got Koi Pond. I love it!! But it's kind of a waste of time. It's very relaxing to watch and the graphics are amazing! And show those tomatoes!! Some of us are really interested!

Kathy said...

I will not edit your blogs before you post them--you're too good a writer and doing that would only stunt your expression!!!
I like tomato pictures!

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