24 January 2009

Saturday morn

The weekend is here. It's 7 AM on Saturday, and I have a few minutes to go before I leave for work. Actually, I'm going to try to finish yesterday's newspaper before I leave. One of these days I'll make the decision to either stop getting the paper delivered, or just say it's OK to throw it away if I don't get to it. I bring it into work every day so my co-workers can read it, so it's never a waste. There's just so many interesting things to learn about, and I want to keep up with the new government.

Not much going on around here this weekend. Last weekend was an exciting one; now it's back to normal. I'd like to make some soup. I need to read. Do some cleaning. Visit my parents. Visit the blogs...I've been neglectful. I have shows to catch up on that I've 'taped.' I'm feeling overwhelmed already. One of the things I love about my job is that I only have one thing to do. And I get to socialize all day. Not bad.

Have a great Saturday!


Summer said...

You asked me the other day what I had done to my knee. The doc drew out 40 cc's of fluid, some from the back, some from the front and then injected it with steroids. I will be pain free for a few weeks. Then it will start all over again. Blech!

Have a great weekend!

Kathy said...

Have a great Saturday. I hope all of your clients are happy and witty. We'll catch up later.

fiwa said...

I hope you enjoy the day and that it goes by quickly for you.

I understand about the paper - I have a stack of magazines a foot high on my coffee table that I can't make myself throw away because they're unread.


What shows do you have to catch up on?

Have a great weekend Cheryl!!!


Golden To Silver Val said...

This day just flew for me and I didn't have to work. I spent it just reading blogs and cooking and movie watching. The temps are back down to single digits again and that bed is looking mighty inviting. Have a great weekend.

Gin said...

We quit getting the paper because we never read it in the winter time. And I can read it at work if I want to. We'll get it again when I'm off work in the summer because we love sitting out on the deck, reading the paper and drinking coffee (and tea...for me) and just enjoying the birds and the sunshine!

Hope you had a great Saturday. And that your Sunday is good too!

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