02 July 2009

Oh what a beautiful morning!

I'm on a roll here. Not sure how many people read blogs these days with Facebook being the 'it' thing. I like FB for quick updates. Wait, isn't that what Twitter is for? Every once-in-a-while I'll tweet. Then I'll think, I should have put that on FB. Or on my blog. Just random thoughts.

It's a beautiful morning here. I woke up and decided to put on walking clothes and just walk. I set the iPhone to Maroon 5 Acoustic and set off. It was so nice but my hamstring (if that's really the problem) started to hurt about halfway around the block. I guess I really do need to start PT. I stayed on the porch listening to music when I got home. Now I'm on the deck. It's cool and breezy and the chimes are singing. I just had an almost disaster. I spilled an entire large cup of coffee that I had on a little table with my iPhone and laptop. The coffee spilled away from my stuff and onto the deck. It was a miracle, at least to me!

It's been a great morning, but, alas (I love that word), it's time to get ready for work.

Happy trails...


happyone said...

It certainly is a beautiful morning!
I'm glad I have no where to go today.
I'm blocked in again by cement trucks!!
I still read blogs - not on FaceBook and I don't twitter. Maybe I should quit blogging and just twitter.
Hope your work day goes well. :-)

Mo said...

I realized the other night the more I update on facebook and twitter the less I blog. I'm making movement toward getting back to my roots of blogging since not everyone in my life is on facebook or twitter.

Sounds like you had a glorious morning. Hope your hamstring feels better soon and yes, I consider the coffee spilling away from your electronics a miracle. xoxo

Kathy said...

And a busy day you had!!!

Seth M. Ward said...

Oh I would have been so shitty! I hope you have insurance on that stuff. :D I hardly ever get on facebook. I hardly even update my myspace stuff anymore these days. Bloggin for me is mostly enough. I like the artistic side that myspace allows, but I hate it's blog page. That is what drove me to find something else. Hope you have a great Friday and a happy 4th!

abbagirl74 said...

Just catching up. Thank goodness about the coffee!

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