04 July 2009

A rant and a rave

Grrr. Ready for a rant?

I 'play' myfarm on facebook. It's silly, but somehow kinda addicting. I'm trying, and going to wean myself from it because it's mindless and a time-sucker. Maybe. Anyway, there are certain things that you can only acquire with 'farm credits' or real money, and I'm not paying real money. I've never wanted to do the surveys or try the offers to earn credits because I thought they'd be scams or attack me with spam. I really did want the farm credits. One day I saw an offer for Seattle's Best coffee from SeattleCoffeeDirect.com, also known as WorldBeanCafe.com. For $5 you'd get thousands of farm credits, 2-12 oz. bags of Seattle's Best coffee, 2 travel mugs and 2 mugs. The offer said you could cancel at any time, so I went ahead and signed up, knowing I would cancel right away. I got my credits and had fun 'buying' stuff. I received my shipment. Before I could cancel my membership, I got another shipment containing 2-12 oz bags of coffee. I immediately contacted SeattleCoffeeDirect.com and canceled my membership. I got a confirmation number. They told me another shipment was already en route. Not wasting any time, huh? They told me I could send the coffee back and my account would be credited. As soon as it arrived I paid over $8 in shipping fees and sent the 4 bags of coffee back to SeattleCoffeeDirect.com. I paid for delivery confirmation, so I know they got their stupid coffee back. Yesterday I received my credit card statement. I was charged $25 for the $5 offer. I was charged $38.95 each for the next two shipments that I sent back. I was charged another $38.95 for a 4th shipment that was dated after I canceled and that I never received. I was fuming. I left a message with them yesterday and today (July 4) a 'manager' called me. I am no meek mouse when it comes to stuff like this. Her concession? She'll give me a $10 credit on the initial offer. She said I didn't read the fine print. I didn't realize I'd have to go to their website first to find the fine print. She said I'll receive a credit of $77.90 in 72 hours. I'll receive a credit of $48.95 by August 4. I told her that as far as I was concerned her company was out to scam people. That if 1 in 15 people did not check over their credit card statements they'd be making a fortune and that's what they probably count on. She had no explanation for the 4th shipment that I was charged for and never got. I do. Don't you? If you see an offer from SeattleDirectCoffee.com, stay far, far away.

I have enjoyed the combine and harvester I got with my credits. Just saying...

Happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday America!


SpecialT's said...

That is insane. I think those offers for points are all a sham. Go get 'em. I agree My Farm is getting boring. I have all this cash to spend but nothing to spend it on. It has gotten very time consuming. Fun in the beginning but now not so much.
Go get your money back and don't let them get away with it. :)

SOUL: said...

you go girl !!!! i'm proud of you!
i have never liked face book. not from the second i wrote my email on enrollment ! i was, and still am attacked by spam.. AND.. have had a couple virus's , that thank God, i was able to get rid of simply with virus scan. (so-far)
face book has GOT to be gettin kick backs from each and every AD on that site.. for some reason, not everyone gets hit.... but i'm sure they get enough out of the people they do get-- and face book doesn't care who comes and goes-- they have people sign up i bet every second of every day. i don't even get notifications when folks say something to me anymore-- or my friends.. i'm just on their spam list, and that's what they wanted.. i need to log all my info out and soon.

ok--- i'll shut up.

sorry you got scammed... but you did good at fixin it--

hope you have a happy 4th !!!

Kathy said...

I find most of those offers really screw you over. Good for you for being so strong and for looking over your statement!!

Lena said...

I never played myfarm, because I didn't understand how it worked, but people used to send me stuff. Mostly I ignored it.

You are so good to read your statements and stand up for yourself! What a scam! Glad you are getting the word out.

Also, glad you still blog so frequently, I enjoy your posts.

Happy 4th to you!

Cindy said...

It looks like Seattle Coffee is doing this to everybody, follow this link:


happyone said...

That certainly is NOT a good way to run a business. What a scam!! Good for you for catching it and making it right!!

forsythia said...

Another scam is those work-at-home schemes. The night my Mom died last December I got a call congratulating me for signing up for a work-at-home scheme. I had done no such thing. I never had to pay for anything, because I caught it in time, but what a nuisance! I spent hours trying to make them go away. They sold my name to other scammers, and I'm still getting calls.

forsythia said...
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Anonymous said...

People who run their "businesses" like this make me crazy. Even legit companies like MSN make it extremely difficult to find the right place and way to cancel orders or services. There really needs to be a law that EVERY order or contract must have a clearly stated, easy to locate, cancellation method. And then they need to stick with it. I know folks who have gotten charged over and over again for things just like you. What a nightmare. I hope you report this scam to the Attorney General of their state!

The Middle Aged Woman said...

Happy 4th of July! Sorry about the mess with the coffee.

Seth M. Ward said...

UGH! That is F**king crazy! I would have been so pissed. I am sure you where. I don't do anything like that. I learned very hard lessons with my money. It's still a work in progress, but I am getting better at it. Kinda sad though.....37 and can hardly manage my money.....:( Hope you had a nice fourth. I spent mine shopping at Walmart and the Dollar Tree and just sitting around the house. Did you get the travel mugs and coffee cups atleast? lol Hope you have a nice Sunday!

Brad said...

I've been burned like this too - to the oint where now I only buy from online places like Amazon = you'd think the goverments consumer protection agencies would prevent this kind stuff but unfortunatly those agency were - unfunded by Bush to "foster a better business enviroment"

&%$#@$^*( &%@$#%@& *&^%%@#$ Bush.

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