11 July 2009

Rushing along

Wish I had time to post. Later. I rushed all day yesterday at work, and I'm rushing this morning. Happy Saturday!

P.S. Mary from Pathways is having her surgery this morning. Keep her in your thoughts.


Gin said...

You remind me of the White Rabbit in Alice In Wonderland. "No time to say hello, goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late..."

Good to see you, even briefly!

Have a great day!

happyone said...

Nice to see you yesterday. I'll be dropping Taryn off at work later this morning.

Kathy said...


Vee said...

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for popping by. Just wanted you to know that I think Happyone is a delight...always have even before I had met her in real life.

You know the saying...any friend of Happyone's is a friend of mine, too!

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